5 Best Gaming Chairs in Singapore

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A first-rate gaming set is not complete without a gaming chair. Twitch streamers, elite players, and amateur players ascribe some of their gaming conquests to a good gaming chair. Since you will be spending long hours sitting in front of your console, it is essential to buy a gaming chair. The best gaming chairs support your spine and fuel your gaming endeavors. We provide a detailed review of the best gaming chairs sampled from thousands of chairs in the market. These seats infuse cutting-edge technology and psychological concepts of a gamer for the utopian chairs.

1. Razer Iskur

The amazing lumbar support distinguishes our number one gaming chair from the rest. Spinal stenosis and spine fracture sometimes result from poor posture. The Razer Iskur is specifically designed to solve the ever-searing back pain. Unlike its competitors, this innovative chair has an inbuilt cushion and foam padding for extra support. You can adjust the cushion to your preference by using a lever on the chair. The black and neon trims on the chair elicit an elite feeling when gaming. Simply put, this chair redefines your gaming experience and is a steal buy for its price. That’s why it takes the top spot on our list.

2. Royale Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the backbone of your gaming health, literally. Royale ergonomics chair superior design is meant to make gaming as comfortable as possible. The chair boasts three lock mechanisms for the armrest. Many gamers prefer this chair due to its customizable embossments and logos. You can choose from various color schemes or create your style, and Royale will deliver the chair tailored to your specifications.

3. Vertagear PL4500

Buy gaming chair with unique lighting and a magnificent aura, such as in the Vertagear PL4500. The seat has a soft padding that provides exemplary lumbar support. Vertagear uses its unique coffee fiber technology to increase breathability and rid the air of funky smells. The industrial-grade steel framework supports up to 180 kg of dry weight. You can almost adjust anything on this seat from the multidirectional armrests and backrests. However, the cushion padding may take a while to adjust to, and you may experience some butt aches. The PL4500 is designed for enhancing hygiene and extra comfort.

4. DXRacer King Series KS06

This high-end gaming chair offers great comfort for long hours of gaming. It has an adjustable height, backrest, and armrests. The racer style of the chair may not be compatible with other games, so that’s a possibility you need to consider. The Penta wheel system allows you to move around without noise seamlessly. The chair is one of the most comfortable in the market; however, you may need to fork out quite a sum to get this chair in your home.

5. Apol Kraken

The new kid on the block comes at a shy five on the list. This is not to discredit the amazing work engineers have done on this seat. Its aluminum framework supports up to 120 kg. It has an adjustable backrest and Polyurethane leather covering for easier cleaning. This chair is a budget pick.


Gaming chairs significantly improve the gaming experience. The above gaming chairs are guaranteed to elevate your gaming career to the next level. Next time when you want to buy gaming chairs, remember the above list.

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