5 best Minecraft beach house seeds

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Minecraft is a beautiful sandbox game that has many different biomes, one of which is the beach. Many innovative players of Minecraft are used to building different types of houses in specific biomes. Houses beside the beach are one of the most fun things to make.

To build a beach house, the player needs to find a good beach that suits their build idea. This can take a long time, so the best thing to do is use Minecraft seeds. With the right Minecraft seed, players can spawn right on a beach or in a world with the perfect beach biome for their house build.

Best seeds for building beach houses in Minecraft

5) Small beach island at spawn

Seed: 345663

Platform: Java edition

Using this seed, players will spawn on a small beach island where turtles are present. This is the perfect beach island for players looking to create a tiny house with necessities.

4) Beach island close to plains biome

Seed: -782825413

Platform: Java Edition

Like the previous one, this seed spawns the player on a beach island as well. But this seed is ideal for survival mode players as they can find a plains biome about 550 blocks away from spawn. Players can collect resources and use them to build the beach house at the spawn island.

3) Mushroom biome spawn

Mushroom biomes are one of the rarest parts of the Minecraft world. The best part about these biomes is that no hostile mobs can spawn on them. They may not be ideal for building a beach house, but players can try to replace some blocks on this biome to create their own beaches and build on them.

2) Beach next to plains biome

Seed: 2147483538

Platform: Java Edition

Players who create their Minecraft world using this seed will spawn on a beach biome with a unique circular structure. Inside the circle, players can build a big beach house and have wooden pillars as support from underneath, and the small sand islands around the house will make it look good.

1) Coral and beach

Seed: -1278051279

Platform: Bedrock Edition

Corals are beautiful blocks found in warm ocean biomes. They generate coral reefs, and along with coral, players can also find sea pickles there. This is an excellent spawn point for players to build a beach house, and the warm oceans will make it look even better.

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