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In this bustling world, people prefer interacting with friends and family through video calls, chatting with video streaming. They prefer to watch movies together through a platform where they can watch and interact at the same time. There are so many online web-based platforms that are providing this facility for users. Among all, Rabbit screen share is a successful web-based service that is satisfying the need of people on a large scale. But many people still look for alternatives as they want to experience more and find the best one. If you are looking for the best alternative to the rabbit screen share app, then this blog has all that you need to know


Kosmi is a virtual platform where friends and family interact often. The kosmi is free to use. All you need to do is sign up and a great room to start communicating with anyone you want through audio calls, webcam, chatting, and much more. It also offers some other activities that can be appealing to many users. These activities include:

  • It allows users to share their screens to watch movies together on Netflix, Amazon, or any other platform.
  • It also enables users to watch the local file and YouTube videos that are synced.
  • The players can play multiplayer games together by starting a SNES and NES emulator.
  • You can have an amazing Poker night with your friends anytime using kosmi.

You must be wondering how to contact friends using kosmi, and is it a lengthy procedure? Then, in that case, don’t worry; just share your room URL with friends; they can quickly join by clicking the URL. However, strangers can also request to join the room created by you through the URL they can find in the public lobby. The kosmi uses several new technologies to make the user experience as real as possible.


Work2gether is known for providing the best services for friends and family to watch movies and videos together being at different places. To contact friends, you don’t need to sign up. Just create a room and invite your friends, and you are good to go.

However, Watch2gether has some platform limitations, and you can only watch content from the supported platform that includes YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Amazon, and Vimeo. The most appealing feature of watch2gether is that it enables you to listen to songs in sync through the sound cloud or stream twitch together.

In comparison to the rabbit, it allows other users as well to search, start, and pause the videos. However, third-party logins like Netflix and Hulu are not entertained.


Another web-based platform that enables users to chat, watch movies and videos, play the game, and share files at the convenience of some clicks. It also entertains group video calls and text messages.

The experience it offers is much like watching a program on Tv sitting peacefully in your lounge with some limitations. The most significant one to know about is that while using Simulchat, you cannot use platforms likes Netflix, Amazon, etc. Only YouTube videos and shared Videos can be accessed using Simulchat.

The most satisfying part about Simulchat is that it’s free to use. You just need to make an account, and you are ready to go. The account registration will only take some precious secs, and then you will be ready to make the account.


In the last comes the most versatile platform that allows support to several famous and in-demand platforms that include Sound Cloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. It provides users with the best experience of watching and listening to music and video in real-time.

Keeping the privacy of the user in mind, the platform provides the option of creating both private and public rooms. Unlike all other platforms, TogetherTube gives access to all the members of the room to share the videos of their choice. However, the video that gets the more votes will be played in the room.

There are so many additional features that this platform offer for customization and ease of the user. The user can configure the setting of the room according to its choice. For customizing the room, the one who has created the account can name it according to his choice and can even restrict people of his choice from voting.

Wrapping up:

Rabbit screen share is trending as a web-based service, but all the alternatives of the rabbit are not less when it comes to features. However, all the platforms mentioned above have one particular feature that makes them stand out and some limitation that is a drawback for the user. However, all these alternatives will provide a reasonable experience streaming online with friends and family, free of cost, with the ease of staying at home.

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