6 Things To Look For in The Best Weed Delivery Service In Vancouver

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British Columbia has quite the reputation as the home of the best weed in Canada and the World. Consequently, the province’s most populous city, Vancouver, has a thriving cannabis culture, including cannabis tourism. 

However, BC’s provincial government only legalized weed delivery services in June 2021 to counter the province’s illegal weed industry. While this was a welcome move among Vancouver’s cannabis consumers, choosing the ideal delivery services proves overwhelming for consumers, given the sheer number of delivery services available. 

If you are looking for the best weed delivery Vancouver has to offer, here are six important pointers to keep in mind.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

As a discerning customer, you desire to spend your money somewhere that offers optimum value and have your needs and expectations met. Unfortunately, that is not always the case in many industries, including the cannabis delivery service industry.

Among the many challenges Vancouver’s young weed industry faces is infiltration of illegal weed players into the space. Illicit weed suppliers masquerading as licensed weed delivery service providers are only after money and pay no attention to customer needs. Therefore, they are unreliable in matters of service delivery and remain typically unavailable to answer any queries.

The worst part is that consumers often learn about such unscrupulous weed delivery service providers the hard way. However, you can avoid falling victim to such undesirable experiences by checking the cannabis dispensary regulatory authority’s directory of licensed cannabis dispensaries in British Columbia. Vancouver’s licensed weed delivery services enjoy healthy competition and prioritize customer satisfaction as a customer retention strategy.

Besides this, you can also learn about Vancouver’s local weed delivery service’s track record by checking other customers’ reviews. Independent review sites, on-page reviews, search engine star ratings, local weed forums, and engagement on the service provider’s social media pages are insightful resources.

  1. Product Quality & Safety

Aside from dampening your cannabis experience and triggering overwhelming buyer’s remorse, low-quality weed is potentially harmful to your health. Recent tests conducted by BC’s government labs on contraband weed samples seized from the province’s illegal weed market yielded dreadful results. The weed samples contained various contaminants including, residues from 24 different pesticides, harmful bacteria and fundi levels, and toxic metals, including lead and arsenic traces. 

Fortunately, federal cannabis laws require that cannabis products within the legal cannabis supply chain undergo mandatory testing to avoid potential harm to consumers. Consequently, all federally licensed cannabis cultivators and processors submit their product batches to independent labs for testing. The analysis certificates for cannabis products feature pertinent quality control information including, cannabinoid content, added ingredients, and toxicology reports. 

Vancouver’s licensed weed delivery services include links to product analyses certificates in their product descriptions. Second, the services also post product label images in product descriptions or write label information in the product specifications section. Ensure you buy correctly labeled products listing ingredient quantity per dose rather than quantity per product bottle, and buy products that are neither overwhelming nor underwhelming.

  1. Product Availability

Licensed weed delivery services typically offer an extensive product catalog compared to brick-and-mortar cannabis stores. You can shop for anything from top-shelf cannabis flowers, concentrates, vapes, edibles, and magic mushrooms by trustworthy cannabis brands and at diverse price points.

However, some weed delivery services in Vancouver boast of an impressive product catalog yet always seem to be out of stock. Product availability is an integral part of your customer journey; you should not compromise it by settling for mediocre service providers.

Look for delivery services with a track record for customer-centric inventory practices. Good inventory practices also ensure you consume fresh weed yet at its shelf life’s prime.

  1. Prices, Deals & Freebies

A cannabis price survey shows that BC has the second most affordable weed prices after Quebec; however, you can still use price-tracking apps to find unbeatable prices. Besides pocket-friendly prices, Vancouver’s licensed weed delivery facilities also reward their customers with money-saving deals, including promotional coupons, sales, and free same-day delivery.

They also give freebies like complimentary joints with each order and two for the price of one offer. Free cannabis goods allow you to experiment affordably, so follow local delivery services online to get deal notifications or use deal-tracking apps.

  1. Consumer Education

As earlier stated, discerning consumers desire exceptional value before parting with their hard-earned money. Nothing screams value like free consumer education resources, helping you unpack cannabis one sub-topic at a time; cannabis is an incredibly vast subject matter.

Vancouver’s licensed weed delivery services offer valuable consumer resources, including blog articles, FAQ segments on cannabis laws, video content, and peer forums. Such resources help you stay updated with cannabis news and make informed consumer decisions on the most efficacious cannabis remedies for your needs. 

Alternatively, they also have exceptional customer service members readily available for when you need first-hand information. So, consider using delivery services with a reputation for dispensing authoritative cannabis information.

  1. Delivery Schedules

Government movement restrictions in combating COVID-19 spread limit working hours for Vancouver’s weed delivery services. While you can shop 24/7, delivery services are only available during specific timeframes.

Ensure you learn when the delivery services in your shortlist dispatch orders so that you can make timely orders. Delivery schedules are particularly crucial for same-day delivery orders.


While Vancouver hosts a reasonable number of weed delivery services, not all of them offer exceptional services. So, use these guidelines to identify the best weed delivery services in the city.

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