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 The typical barrier of why we don’t give enough care to the hair is related to time. There is never much, especially due to the rhythms of work, the panoramas and the hectic life in general; However, since we are in quarantine everything has changed and the time window could be a reality.

Promoting self-care is a good way to pass the quarantine and therefore we talked with two hairdressers about recommendations and hair care.

1. Washing

“I think there is no period in life in which one has to determine how often one should wash their hair, whether it is quarantined or not. The processes are different for everyone, ”says hairdresser Gloria Rojas 

 “I have clients who now have not been able to leave – because of their quarantine – and therefore they are not so dirty and now they have been able to do what I always told them: at least do it every other day and not every day”, Glo says.

“There is no answer to this is the correct thing, but we all have to analyze when the hair needs a little shampoo to eliminate the fat it generates,” he complements.

2. Food for prevention of falls

“In my experience, the reasons for falling are: stress, hormones and nutrition,” explains Roma Carvajal, owner of Romana hairdresser  . “As for food, legumes, eggs and foods rich in vitamin A (green leafy vegetables), vitamin B6 and B8 (Biotin) are recommended,” he recommends.

By consuming foods with vitamin A, “it prevents dryness and makes the scalp generate a little more bait,” says Glo. This means that by not being dry, the hair is less likely to fall out. Foods like chard, spinach, kale, and broccoli are rich in this vitamin.

“Eggs, nuts, bananas and tomatoes” are some of the foods that contain biotin, says Glo. Regarding zinc, this can be found in asparagus, aubergines, chickpeas and bananas.

3. Brushing

“A recommendation that may seem obvious, but that we often lack, is hair brushing. One tends to do the tomato and many times we do not even detangle the hair before tying it ”, explains Roma, adding that“ the result is that the hair becomes a brittle tangle ”. Another suggestion is to let your hair dry before tying it up.

4. Massages

“Personally, I have tried to get massages every time I wash my hair,” says Glo, which does not mean “that I stay under the shower spending a lot of water since I get into the shower, I do the massage and I leave it for a long time. ”.

The invitation is to use “all those masks that they probably gave you for a birthday or Christmas and never used them: this is the time to use them,”  highlighting that they are always used from the middle to the ends as a basic rule.

Don’t have masks? Then make it to your liking. “There are many combinations. YouTube is full of tutorials ”, complements Roma and mentions that some of the most popular ingredients contain honey, banana, coconut oil or avocados.

Streax Hair serum massages are also best for hair care because they are made of many ingredients.   .

5. Read instructions

If you are dabbling in caring for your hair, it is important to read the instructions for the product you use. “They end up misapplying the products or putting heat where they don’t need it, or vice versa,” explains Glo.

And if unfortunately you cannot go to a hairdresser, the call is as follows: before using something, be aware and read more than once. A serious mistake can be made along the way, which we will regret greatly.

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6. Use good quality products 

The main idea of ​​this is “not to decline with the quality of the products we use,” says Roma because “the shampoo and especially the conditioner make the difference.” Accordingly, use each product according to the hair classification.

For normal hair: “Always good quality shampoo and conditioner (not from the supermarket),” says Roma.

Oily hair: “Washed with deep cleansing or light, transparent not creamy shampoos. Light conditioners carefully on the ends, not the middle, ”advises Roma.

Dry hair: “Moisturizing shampoo and conditioners, homemade masks. Not very frequent washing. Use of dry shampoo if there is a lot of discomfort ”, points out the hairdresser of  

Based on these recommendations, we draw up a list of products that might interest you in relation to hair care and good hydration.

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