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Cool, classy, stylish and sophisticated is what defines many working women with short hair. Short hair simply helps you to look the part. While you can rock long hair to work, short hair is often perceived as more professional. You only need to polish your hair and ensure the short hairstyle you go for enhances your elegance, self-esteem and helps you to define your style. The beauty of short hair is that it is easy to style. Whether you want to go for andis supra Zr styling clipper or you simply want to tug your hair behind your ear, short hair pulls the trick for a professional woman. Here are 7 cool and classic short hairstyles for working women.

1. Smooth Bob 

Smooth Bob hair style

Bob cuts have been some of the most fabulous hairstyles for working and creative women across the globe. If you know what it means to stay elegant and pull a great look, a smooth bob is a short, classic and cool hairstyle to go for. Whether your hair is straight or curly, you can always rock this hairstyle by playing around with styling accessories including hair clippers.

A smooth bob is also highly sophisticated and when perfectly polished, it is the hairstyle you can wear to any work environment. Anna Wintour is one of the celebrities that you can admire for rocking this hairstyle for years. A smooth bob continues to dominate various bob cuts because of its simplicity and its ability to enhance your elegance regardless of your tone, hair type and texture.

  2. Texture Crop 

Texture Crop

If you want short hair that doesn’t appear dull and too flat, a textured crop is your ultimate hairstyle. It creates a cool, stylish, modern and classic look. While many may consider this messy, when done professionally or perfectly, you will steal the look. It is a hairstyle that can be achieved with ease and you only need a texturizing spray to work on your strands as you get the desired crops.

  3. A Sleek Pixie 

A Sleek Pixie 

A sleek pixie is a beautiful hairstyle, with an ultra-short length cut. For any working woman, this is a hairstyle that gives you confidence. You can wear it with different accessories because of its ability to create a sharp, young or chic look. A side part on your sleek pixie makes it cool and classic as it softens your appearance.

  4. Short and Wavy 

Short and Wavy

For wavy and curly hair, it’s best to use Curly Girl Method products to get your hair healthy. If you love wavy hair, why not consider short and wavy hairstyle. It gives you a bold look. It is also a stylish, classic and modern hairstyle to wear to any work environment. To rock short and wavy, you can do a side part or a middle part. Decide on a style that works best for you. This means consider your face type. A central part also pulls the look as it is more approachable, modern and sophisticated.

  5. A Straight Lob 

A Straight Lob

Lobs are quite popular amongst professional women. It is easy to style and can be worn to interviews and work environment. Wear a straight lob by making it clean, simple and stylish. It gives a younger look and is perfect for your work. You may want a straight lob to your shoulder length. Use products that provide extra volume and texture for the best results.

  6. Pompadour 


The pompadour is stylish and shows your gorgeous features. It is cool on almost every face type. It is also easy to style and you can always amp the volume of your pompadour with the right products.

  7. Feathery Pixie 

A feathery pixie is equally an amazing short hairstyle for working women. It brings out the beauty in you and can be worn with different accessories and clothing. To achieve a great look, go light on your feathered pixie and do not go beyond your neckline. This is to ensure that you get a mussed-up feathery pixie and not a mullet.

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