7 ways to examine a preferable Financial UAE Adviser

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Sometimes you may face a financial crisis when your company’s production is less than your investment, yet there is no control over expenditures. After all your effort to save money, still, costs are out of control. Therefore, you can hire a financial adviser to improve your financial status. It is ideal to hire an adviser after completing research. For that square. ae has provided you with some basic tips to evaluate while choosing one.

Are they are one a licensed company:

In the UAE, 3 regulators are considered, which cover various postulates.

  • Insurance Authority:

They merged with the central bank of UAE, which supervises the insurance sector’s responsibility, including insurance companies, Insurance brokerages, and Insurance products.

  • Securities and Commodities Authority:

They manage overall investments in the country. They have the authority to impose law-related trade and deal with stock.

  • Dubai Financial Services Authority:

They introduced a good global mortgage company which controls financial services and mortgages. A mortgage company in UAE is a financial firm that issues its mortgages and loans. Monthly mortgage payments can be estimated by using a mortgage calculator.

It is necessary to ensure that the adviser should have licensed at least one of the regulators.


  • A qualified financial adviser is plugged into the world of finance and understands its complexities. So, you should beware of his recognised qualifications.
  • Chartered Insurance Institute builds trust in the insurance and financial planning profession. Your adviser should hold level 4 in it.
  • The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) aims to set standards in the securities, financial planning and investments sector and provide qualifications and professional development to all financial advisors.
  • CFPBoard is recognised internationally and is the safest qualification to check out the adviser.
  • There are also other recognised qualifications which you can consider while hiring an adviser.


You want to know about your adviser’s reputation, whether it is good or bad. You can see the reviews on google; you can check out the adviser’s professional biography on LinkedIn and find more about their interests and passion. If you need more details, you can go through their company’s websites and find a qualified adviser through Profezo who will fit according to your motto.

For that square. ae is delighted to inform our valued clients that we are one of the top trusted mortgage companies in UAE.

 Adviser’s costs:

  • To get rid of the financial crisis you face, you tend to hire a professional adviser, so it is necessary to pay them under your budget and make sure all their fees are transparent before you sign. In the UAE, there are 2 ways to pay their wages. A fee-based adviser charged with actively managing a portfolio would likely charge a percentage of the assets under management. They give you financial advice that is best for your financial situation instead of advice that will help them sell products. Some financial advisers charge a percentage in commission based on the sale or purchase of an investment. In commission-based, their income depends on the selling of the products. There are many best mortgage company in dubai; you can take a loan if you can’t afford the expense and adviser’s fee. You can check monthly loan payments using a mortgage calculator.

 Advisory Process:

A financial adviser gathers relevant financial information, your organisation’s goals, and financial status and then makes a strategy according to your goals and plans. They find out the most sought product in the market. They update you with the financial report and set up the plan according to your requirements. They will be able to place you with the best mortgage available that suits you. If you agree with your adviser, you must review your financial plan annually or check mortgages monthly on a mortgage calculator.

You should be clear about your financial adviser no matter how many queries you have.

Recommended Products:

These recommended Products should be licensed. You not only need to be aware of financial advisers but also be careful of their providing financial services.

 Are you ready for an independent financial adviser?

While choosing an independent financial adviser, you’ve to consider the above things that will help you make suitable decisions to save money. So that adviser gives you honest advice for your profession.

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