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If you haven’t already, it’s about time that you got to know Viking Barbie the internet’s latest inspirational story of a powerful woman overcoming the odds to achieve fame and fortune in a highly competitive market. As a two-time Playboy Magazine cover girl, Viking Barbie is watching her prospects rocket through the glass ceiling. With just millions of followers across her various online channels, this beautiful, tattooed, no-holds-bar vixen is wowing fans and breaking into new industries in surprising ways.

“As the child of two hard-working, famous parents, you could say that I inherited a bit of a god-complex!” says Viking Barbie. A Texas girl at heart, growing up in the limelight of her famous father and mother taught her the good and bad of being a celebrity in the 90’s and beyond.

“Growing up and being around that lifestyle, I had to grow up really fast.” Viking Barbie shares that her father – pro-wrestler and actor Jeep Swenson – and her exotic dancer mother Erin Hillsman taught her that when life stands in your way and tells you “No”, you push right on by and show them that you can – and more.

Her online following has grown exponentially as this beauty wows her fans with enticing online pictures and video content featuring her incredible body and self-proclaimed “American Dirtbag” personality. However, Viking Barbie isn’t satisfied with simply mastering the online social media influencer world. Recently turning her eyes toward the music industry, Viking Barbie has just released her debut album “Borderline” – a brand new hip hop album that is inspired by her struggles overcoming mental health issues, addiction, and other demons that have plagued her life and career.

When she decided she wanted to make it in the music industry, execs and other agents laughed her off. “Although I’ve been in the industry that kind of peddled sexuality, and people were like, ‘You can’t do that. People aren’t going to take you seriously.’ I was kinda like, ‘Yeah, well, fuck you. I’m doing it.’”

Using her victory over her vices and her incredible talents, Viking Barbie is showing that the only obstacle to success is your own hesitation. Instead of letting self-doubt and other’s opinions interfere, Viking Barbie is blowing up the industry and showing that those who have the best stories can often create the most incredible music. Want to learn more about Viking Barbie, and see how this hottie is becoming the industry’s next big thing? Follow her online and keep an eye out for even more eye-popping content from her soon!

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