A person’s bac will go down if they: drink coffee, take a cold shower, or vomit?

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Trying to find A person’s bac will go down when they: drink coffee, take a cold shower , or vomit ? Read here to understand the proper answer.

BAC, short for “Blood Alcohol Concentration” may be the percentage of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. Like, if your person’s BAC is at .10%, which means that for each and every 1000 elements of blood, the person contains one part of alcohol.

The legal intoxication percentage in many countries is .08%+, so which means if your BAC is higher than .08%, you’re legally intoxicated. Recently, there’s been a debate about whether taking a cold shower, drinking coffee, or vomiting can decrease your BAC or not.

In fact, some sources claim that it does, but are they correct? “A person’s BAC will go down when they: drink coffee, take a cold shower , or vomit. In this informative article, we’ll elaborate on that. We’ll list the factors that determine the BAC in a person as well. So, to find out if these rumors/claims are correct or not, keep reading this article.

What determines the BAC level?

There are a few factors that determine the BAC level in a individual. They’ve all been listed below:

  • The number of standard drinks a person has had.
  • The gender of the person, and their body weight.
  • The medications they’re using.
  • The food they consume.
  • And enough time allotted to take the standard drinks.

Standard drinks:

Below is a listing of standard drinks with their percentage of alcohol.

  • One 12 oz. regular beer with 4.5% alcohol.
  • Once 7 0z. malt liquor with 7% alcohol.
  • One 5 oz. glass of wine with 12% alcohol.
  • One 1.5 oz. shot of hard liquor with 40% alcohol.
  • One-third jigger (.5 oz.) of Everclear with 95% alcohol.

Several standard drink

  • A cup of beer containing 16 oz. equals 1.4 drinks.
  • 40 oz. of beer equals 3.6 drinks.
  • A glass of wine containing 22 oz equals 3 drinks.
  • A margarita containing 12 oz. equals 2-4 drinks, varying from ingredient-to-ingredient.
  • A cup of trashcan punch containing 12 oz. equals 4-10 drinks with regards to the ingredients used.

These are the factors that determine the BAC levels in a individual.

Will a person’s BAC go down if they:

A: Drink Coffee        B: Take a Cold Shower         C: Vomit

For those wondering whether vomiting, drinking coffee, or taking a cold shower lowers that percentage, then they’re completely wrong. A person’s BAC won’t decrease when they drink coffee, take a cold shower , or vomit.

In fact, there’s just one way it’ll decrease, and that’s naturally done by your body. You’re drastically wrong if you do think that these exact things will decrease your BAC. Usually the one way it will go down, is via a person’s liver. Your liver will decrease your BAC content as time passes and the amount of time it’ll take is dependent upon the percentage of your BAC.

As for coffee, it’ll keep you awake, but won’t decrease your alcohol content. A cold shower does nothing, and while vomiting doesn’t decrease your BAC content, it’ll keep it from going up. So, in a way, vomiting helps together with your BAC level, although no one’s planning to recommend it.

So, that answers your question. Your liver is the thing that could decrease your BAC content, and nothing else.


Many sources have claimed that a person’s BAC will go down when they: drink coffee, take a cold shower , or vomit. There’s no scientific evidence copying their claim, so it’s pretty obvious that they’re completely wrong. Vomiting does do something about it, but that’s nothing regarding lowering your BAC. Vomiting only keeps it from going up.

So, develop that clears up the misconceptions you’ve had about BAC. Hopefully you find this informative article useful, and when you have further queries, or would like to add something to this article, feel liberated to comment down below, and we’ll make an effort to respond to as numerous queries as we are able to!

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