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Anime is widely popular today, so what is the best way to watch all of the anime for free? There is an infinite number of great anime shows, are you sure that you watched all of them? You are interested in watching some new Ghibli movie, and you don’t know where to find a free dubbed anime streaming site in 2021!

You are probably wondering is it safe to watch free anime online and what is the best alternative for Anilinkz! For all of those questions, we have the answers! We will provide you with some of the best anime streaming providers today!

One of the best-known anime streaming providers is Anilinkz! This provider has a large number of satisfied users and a lot of free anime just for you!

Here, you can find almost any anime, no matter what kind of anime you prefer! There are dubbed and subbed options, good quality and loading time, everything in one place! Anilinkz is excellent, but there are many better options for you!

We will provide you with the list of the best alternatives for Anilinkz in 2021! You should know them all because many streaming sites are getting shut down! New laws about the internet are not merciful, and your favorite streaming provider may be good as dead in the next several months. So instead of continually searching for the new alternative, why not have all of them in one place!

Here is our list of the Best Anilinkz alternatives!


kissanime logo

The thing we like about is the dark mode that perfectly soothes the eyes of a viewer! The website offers a lot of streaming anime as well as manga for all you manga readers out there! You can register for this site but you don’t need to do it to watch any anime, it is only there for those who don’t want to have ads and who want to download anime. You can find them on Discord and have a disccussion with other fans about anime you like.

2. Netflix


We know that Netflix is not for free, but it is still great because, with one subscription, more than one user can watch its content! This thing is great for all of you that want to make sure that you are getting the best quality of the video, self-loading new episodes, and subtitles in almost any language in the world! Netflix mostly offers some of the most viewed anime out there, and it rarely has anime movies! So before paying for a subscription, be sure that your anime is on Netflix!

One more problem can be the geolocation blocking of Netflix. Many films and features of Netflix are not available to users due to the closed internal geolocation. The solution to this problem will be VPN, which allows you to make Netflix unblocked. So nothing will stop you from watching your favorite anime.

3. Hulu


If you want to watch some specific anime movie in excellent quality and for free, then you should try Hulu. Like Netflix, you need to pay for the Hulu’s services, but it also offers a free trial period that is more than enough to see two or three anime movies or even to watch the first season of some anime TV series. So if you are searching for the one-time deal only, Hulu is the best alternative for Anilinkz that you can get online!

4. Animefreak.TV

Animefreak.TV logo

Animfreak.TV is one of the most reliable, free, and safe online amine streaming sites that you can find! There is almost no anime that you can’t find on Animefreak.TV. Many users see it as a perfect alternative for Anilinkz.  Animefreak.TV usually has two links per subbed version of the episode and two links per dubbed (if there is a dubbed version of the anime). The quality of the video is excellent! There are some ads, but not too much, and the loading time of a video is excellent!

5. Anime Simple

Anime Simple

As the title suggests, Anime Simple is easy to use, and all of the needed information about anime updates, quality, and summaries are available on the front page! There is a large number of animes that you can watch, and the site is 100% free for all users. The interface is done in a simple manner, and most of the anime shows have more than one link that you can use! At the top of the page, you can find recently added episodes, and on each link, you can see if the anime is in dubbed or subbed version.

6. GOGOanime

Gogoanime logo

GOGOanime is  is free and you can watch all the anime you want; as long as you have a good connection, your episodes will load without a problem! This website is there to offer you various anime shows! You can pick dubbed and subbed versions of anime or you can select the option of viewing only recent uploads!

7. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the online anime streaming provider who has is one of the best providers of manga and anime series! This site is suitable for both PC and Mobile watch which makes it even greater.

There is also a premium option that will allow you to watch any anime without ads.

8. Justdubs


Justdubs is not just anime streaming provider! It is also a community that has a lot of fans who use this website for more than just watching their favorite shows. So, if you are interested in something more than just watching a new anime, this would be a perfect place for you!

9. is 100% free if you are willing to skip several ads. There is also a premium version that lets you watch your favorite anime in better quality and without ads. This streaming provider is attractive because the population of it is rapidly growing, and the style of the layout is more than reasonable. Most of the links run smooth, and the video quality is reasonably good!

10. Animeland


Animeland has a lot simpler interface than other sites, but it still offers you a lot of different anime series/movies and manga to view, read and watch! The most searched categories and anime series can be found on the right side of the webpage and at the top of the page, which makes the searching process a lot easier.

11. is the ultimate search engine for the anime across the whole internet. It functions as a third-party site that offers all of the links to anime shows and movies that you can find on online streaming sites! If you are tired of the searching platform by platform, you can try using and have them all in one place! The platform itself is impressive, it comes in the dark mode, and most of the columns are modernly done.

12. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn is primarily made for movies, but there are still lots of anime movies that you can find on Popcorn Time! This website is good for various reasons. It comes in the great app, and it is modern. This provider is linked to the torrent links, and it serves both as a streaming provider and torrent downloader. Everything that you watch on Popcorn Time will be downloaded to your computer!

13. Baby Anime

Baby Anime

Baby Anime is our next stop! This provider of anime content comes in dark mode, and it is adapted to the phone users that like to watch their anime on the road. On the home page, you can find all of the categories you may be interested in to checking out! The content is continuously updated, and the quality is almost always excellent!

14. EXanime

EXanime logo

Most of the free websites want you to turn off your adblocker! EXanime will never ask you to turn off your adblocker protection, and that is the reason why we think it should be in our list of the best alternatives for Anilinkz. EXanime now comes in great new look and it you will like their content for sure. The shows are updated almost every day and if the show that you’re searching for is not on it; you can also make a request for anime and they will  get it in no time!


Thank you for sticking with us until the very end! As you can see, there are a lot of options that can function as an excellent alternative for Anilinkz. We recommend that you try all of them and then decide which one would be your favorite. Keep in mind that most of these sites are 100% free and safe to use, so that is left is to find some good anime or manga and enjoy!

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