Are you planning your 21st birthday party?

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There’s so much to think about and to do, from whether you’ll accept gifts through to how you’ll invite your guests. You want your twenty first birthday party to be one to remember, so hopefully this checklist helps you remember everything. There’s nothing worse than realizing as the party has started that you’ve forgotten something critical. Here is my checklist for creating the perfect 21st birthday party:

1.  Guest List and Invitations

Maybe the most important part of your party is who will be there. Even with the most perfect decorations, without your favorite people there to celebrate with you, it won’t be an amazing party. If your birthday is around the holidays, then you’re going to want to give people ample notice so they can lock your party into their calendar. I suggest investing in printed party invitations so that your guests will hopefully pop them on their fridge and look at them every day. Not only does this build anticipation, but it helps ensure they commit to your event. While I think invitations are a great idea for all birthdays, choosing 21st invitations is especially important as it’s such a coming of age party. Be sure to spend a decent amount of time planning your guest list too, you want to ensure it’s a fun mix of people but that you don’t forget anyone important to you. Look through your social media accounts to make sure you have all your closet friends on the list.

2. Theme
I love party themes! There are so many fun options you can do for a 21st party. Some of my favorite themes are circus, casino, and rockstar. The sky is the limit when it comes to themes and I always suggest choosing something you can have fun with. If themes aren’t really your thing, then you might just want to choose what kind of colors you would like to have as your decoration and on the invites. I suggest picking at least two so you can have a bit of contrast.

3. Food and Drinks
Are you hosting the party at home? Do you want people to help you out by bringing something along. If so, be aware that this will be in lieu of a present. This can be a great way to take some of the pressure off you hosting, but even if people are bringing a plate each, you’re going to want to make sure there are a few mains you’re providing as well as ample drinks. If you’re wanting to serve alcoholic drinks, I also suggest having some options that are easy for you. You can make a margarita station and leave all the ingredients there so the guests can prep their own!

4. Your Outfit
Choosing your outfit is an important part of planning your 21st birthday. Will you go dressed in theme to your party, or would you prefer to wear more of an elegant cocktail dress? Do you want to wear something that is trendy for right now, or something that’s timeless. Be mindful of the fact you’ll probably be in a ton of photos, so choose something that makes you feel comfortable. I also suggest thinking about how you’ll do your hair and make-up, and even organizing for a friend or some friends to come over and get ready together.

5. Guest Safety
 If your 21st birthday celebration is going to have alcohol, then it can be a good idea to think about transport. Are there easy options for people to get home, such as Uber or buses? You don’t want people driving home drunk and risking their lives. So think about what options you can provide. Perhaps it will be worthwhile to have a designated sober driver that can help ferry people home at the end of the night. This could be something you ask your parents to help with.

Your 21st birthday is sure to be one of your most memorable birthdays, especially if you use this checklist to ensure it is a special party. I hope you have a wonderful time planning and celebrating your 21st birthday!

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