Ashes: Who Is Darcie Brown Partner? Boyfriend, Who Are Her Parents?

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Darcie Brown does not have a partner because she has yet to find someone who can get her heart racing like cricket does.

Recently, Cricket Australia officially named Darcie Brown the Young Cricketer of 2021. Darcie was only 16 when she was gifted with her first senior State contract. She was to play for the Scorpions.

The year 2022 took off to a brilliant start for Darcie as she was named to be part of the Australian team to play against England at the Women’s Ashes. 

Near the end of January, she was again named in the Australian team to play at the Women’s Cricket World Cup.

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Ashes: Who Is Darcie Brown Partner? Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Darcie Brown doesn’t have time for boys or dates because she’s too busy making history. She does not currently have a boyfriend. If she does end up dating, he will almost certainly be an athlete.

Her eyes may naturally gravitate toward a guy who is at ease on the field or court as a potential boyfriend with a family full of athletes.

Her inexistent boyfriend has yet to appear on her Instagram page. If she has a boyfriend, she has yet to be seen with him in public.

Insight On Darcie Brown Family – Who Are Her Parents?

Darcie Brown was born in the South Australian town of Kapunda in 2003 to a sports-loving family. Darcie’s entire family, including her two older brothers, is a cricket fan.

She has played A-grade cricket for the Kapunda team with her brothers and father. Not only that, but she and her mother both played for the Northern Jets in the women’s district tournament.

By the time the cricketer reached adolescence, she had already competed in basketball, netball, tennis, cricket, and football. Darcie has no prejudices against any sport and wishes to participate in as many sports as possible.

What she enjoys most about sports is the thrill, the adrenaline, and the sportsmanship. Her glasses, she claims, are the most difficult challenge she faces on the field as a sportswoman because they keep slipping down when she bowls.

Darcie was a South Australian netball team member that won the national championship in 2018. She was then chosen to participate in a netball tour of New Zealand.

You can follow her on Instagram at @darcie brown_, where she shares her experiences on the field. Darcie currently shares small glimpses of her world and life with her 6.8K followers.

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