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Living in Florida swamps people with challenges: the rising cost of homes, insurance, hurricanes, tornadoes. From alligators to mosquitos, we deal with it all. These surprises can be overwhelming and costly. Whether you own your own home or rent a home, stay cool this summer by forming your own Superhero Safety plan. Have as much fun as you like, involve your family, and use these tips to beat the heat of an unexpected home fire. You will feel invincible.

Plan, Plan, Plan

When temperatures rise, it is difficult to keep a cool head. While you are lounging indoors – review your fire safety plan. Superheroes always know what to do in an emergency. Do you? It is best to plan for the worst when you are calm and have time. According to the National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) , making a fire safety plan is a great idea. So, take a minute to review your safety plans. Superheroes can always make a speedy getaway. So can you!

What is your escape route in case of a fire?

What is your secondary escape route?

Do you need to collect pets, children, or other adults on the way out?

Where will you meet after exiting the building?

Who will call 911?

How will you determine everyone is safe?

Accessorise your Lair

Rented lairs should be equipped with Super Fire Hero accessories – such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. It is the law! But a superhero does not rely on others to keep themselves safe. It is a great idea to check these devices to ensure they are working. Smoke detectors need a battery. Fire extinguishers need service by a licensed fire extinguisher service company. When in doubt, call the number to determine they are functional and up to date.

Homeowners are at a higher risk. You must be your own superhero to provide safety to your lair. Assess your needs by walking through your home. Superheroes need:

Smoke detectors

On every floor of your home and spread throughout the hose. These should be functional and checked periodically. Add them to your Superhero fire safety plan for maintenance. The superhero in our home uses long-lasting batteries to be on the safe side.

Carbon monoxide detectors

Superheroes protect against faceless enemies too. In homes with a wood burning fireplace or stove they are a great idea.

Fire extinguishers

Superheroes need the right tools to fight crime, I mean, fires. Walk through your home. Most people would want to have a fire extinguisher in the:

Kitchen – Superheroes need to eat. When an unexpected fire arises, it would be great to have an ABC fire extinguisher or for maximum protection for foody superheroes with extra fire hazards, a class K (for kitchen) extinguisher. These specialty fire-fighting devices can take on grease or oil fires.

Garage – With more fire hazards in the garage, such as stored oils, gasoline, or other flammable liquids. It is best to have extinguishers in this area.

Each level – You would not want to have to run downstairs to run upstairs, would you? Superheroes know that time is critical during disasters. Be prepared in all areas of your home.

Central Locations – The same goes for lairs on each story that are wide. If you cannot locate your fire extinguisher quickly the fire may become too large. Have you ever seen a superhero leave hand-to-hand combat to go grab their shield, sword, or cape? Ensure that your fire extinguishers are accessible from any area in the home.

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