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Gourav Das
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Each of us spends a huge amount of time every day on the Internet.  Many build their careers there and have already achieved not small successes in their endeavors.  Where there is success, it is logical that there is money.  But money may not be easy.

 Fifteen years ago, the most controversial and desired innovation, the crypto-currency, appeared, which spawned a huge number of those who use it and a huge number of those who became rich thanks to it.

 What is a cryptocurrency?

 These are independent virtual money that is not controlled by anyone (that is, they are decentralized).  The presence of such monetary units is a direct consequence of computer calculations.  Cryptocurrency is stored in a safe and secure place called an electronic wallet. You can buy, sell, and trade crypto through various platforms such as Swyftx.


 * The first weighty item that plays a major role for the investor is a guarantee of protection from such an unpleasant economic situation as inflation.  The value of any currency decreases over time, while the cryptocurrency at the time of launch has a fixed amount.  Moreover, the output of any unit is limited;

 * Guaranteed security and privacy.  Due to the fact that the currency is reliably protected by a cryptographic encryption system based on complex mathematical puzzles, it is impossible to perform any fraudulent operations (hacking, forgery, etc.);

 * If you start interacting with cryptocurrency, then you are also provided with complete anonymity.  For example, the same classic electronic money and transactions with them are tracked.  But if you are the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet, then anyone will not be able to get information about you;

 * Crypto money is often open source, which allows anyone to receive virtual money;

 * Cryptocurrency is independent and it is not controlled by the state (besides, it does not depend on banks);

Investors are actively interested in cryptocurrencies because this is a new innovation in which new coins regularly appear, the growth of which is guaranteed!

 For example, there is a new Dash coin.  Dash Price Prediction pleases traders and investors because by tracking its price dynamics it becomes attractive to them from the point of view of the future.  This coin was built on a code base and has a number of reformative advantages that set it apart from its other competitors.

A relative of Dash in its uniqueness is Monero. This currency was created in 2014, but reached its peak of popularity in 2017.  At the time of creation, it was subjected to a hacker attack, which the coin survived and nothing could harm it.  Just the most important thing that distinguishes this coin from everyone else is the multi-level promised security and confidentiality, including during transfers.  The team of creators managed to ensure that in most large stores the coin has become the main payment method. In The period from 2016 to 2018, there was an active growth from one dollar to $300. Monero price prediction is getting more and more encouraging.  after all, it is precisely because of the protection against Ddos attacks that many people prefer this currency.

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