Best First Date Ideas for Introverts

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Some men may find it easy to approach a stranger woman on the street and ask her out on a date, but introverts simply cannot cope with this. If you belong to such type of people, then you probably know what awkwardness is, especially during communication with pretty ladies and even more so on the first date. But do not be discouraged and turn inward, there are some tips that will help you to cope with your inner experiences and arrange a perfect first date!

Tips for going on a first date

Men always feel nervous before their first date. After all, everyone wants to win the favor of the girl they like. And introverts are doubly worried since communication with unfamiliar people is far from their strong point. However, if you follow the tips below, everything will be okay!

If you are dating online, mention that you are an introvert. Write that you do not like big crowds, you’d better spend Friday night at home reading a book, but not in a noisy club. There are many people who will appreciate these qualities. Moreover, you will be more likely to get to know someone with whom you have the same interests and outlook on life.

Do not postpone the moment of meeting after virtual communication. In most cases, introverts are quite modest and withdrawn people, so communication on the Internet is a real salvation for them. You do not need to meet a person face to face, come up with first date talking points, and force yourself to speak and open up to someone new – you can write whatever you want without embarrassment. Nevertheless, if you have a goal of starting a relationship, not getting a virtual friend, you should not delay the moment of meeting in real life. Otherwise, you may not decide on a date at all. Therefore, look for some first date ideas for introverts online.

Choose for a date a place you know. First dates are quite exciting and awkward, so it is better to choose a place where you have already been and know it like the back of your hand. Thus, you will be less stressed as you are in your comfort zone.

Perhaps you should visit an exhibition? If you are afraid of awkward pauses in a conversation and the fact that you will have to talk a lot about yourself, try to visit some kind of interactive event. This will give you topics of conversation and an opportunity to get to know each other better. If you love art, go to a museum for an exhibition, music – to a concert or festival.

Set yourself up for communication. Although the conversational genre may not be your strong point, you will definitely need to find some talking points on a first date. So, keynote in advance that you will not shrink into yourself just because a woman asks questions about your work, hobbies, and interests.

Do not be afraid to give your companion a chance. In the end, a woman may not open up right away, or get very excited and say something stupid, we are all human. Do not be discouraged by one incorrectly spoken phrase or excessive talkativeness of your interlocutor. Even if at first glance you are different, then in tandem you can become the perfect complement to each other!

Indoor date ideas


If you are a very introverted person, a cafe can be one of the best first date suggestions for you. Cafés rarely offer a diversified cuisine specialization and provide an ordinary but varied menu card. Thus, your lady you’ve met on internet will be able to find a dish to her taste.


Restaurant – is a more complicated location for a date, as it requires knowledge of etiquette and compliance with the dress code. This option is appropriate if your woman is accustomed to such food outlets. At the same time, you definitely need to forewarn her about the meeting place so that she has time to prepare for the date. Moreover, you should find out if the girl is an introvert, otherwise, she might feel uncomfortable in such a place. Then, it would be better to think over some unique date ideas for introverts.


Cinema is another place for romantic classics. It is one of the most common introvert date ideas. Nevertheless, if you purchase tickets for a film that your woman does not like, you may have troubles. Of course, melodramas are romantic and cute, but what if the girl is a lover of thrillers or a fan of comedies?

Outdoor date ideas

Walk in the park or along the promenade

If the weather conditions are favorable enough, you can take a girl to the city park. This date option does not require lots of money – a bouquet of flowers and some munchies will be enough. While walking, you can talk about everything that interests you, and at the same time, admire the beauty of nature.

And if there is an embankment in your city, you should arrange a date there. Women are romantic natures, so your lady will surely get great pleasure from such a walk.


Another good first date idea is a picnic in the park. It is a great way to have a heart-to-heart talk and get to know each other better. After a snack, you can take a walk or feed the animals and birds.

Romantic bike ride

If you are both sporty and active and go crazy over cycling, rent bikes and head to the nearest park or scenic countryside. A bike ride is an opportunity to communicate and demonstrate physical fitness to each other, as well as work up a canine appetite for the gastronomic part of your date.

Fun date ideas

Tourist game

Most people think that they know their cities perfectly well and can tell everything about them. However, it happens that even some newcomers can tell about places where you live more than you do. So, think about what you have not yet discovered in your hometown. Come up with a travel itinerary and ask a girl to go out for a fascinating walk on your first date.

Laughsome evening

If you are looking for funny date ideas for introverts, head to a local comedy club. This means that you do not need to choose talking points for a first date, both of you will just enjoy a great show and have fun. You can laugh together and get an idea of each other’s sense of humor. In addition, laughter makes people more attractive to each other, so it will increase your chances of a second date with a girl you like.

Amusement park

There is no need to make an action plan for such a date. After all, amusement park is a place where people come to relax and have fun. There is a lot of entertainment to suit any taste! Take a ride together on extreme attractions or go to the room of fear – thus, you can get a little closer to your chosen one.

Cute date ideas

Dinner on the roof of a skyscraper

Any restaurant date cannot match a rooftop dinner. The romantic atmosphere, starry sky, and city lights around will make this evening unforgettable. Believe it, every girl dreams of such a date! Enjoy a beautiful sunset together – this will be a magical end of the evening.

Cozy home date

This is the best dating option for introverts! Before inviting a girl to your place, you should prepare for the meeting thoroughly. Decorate your home in a romantic style, cook a delicious dinner, and choose interesting movies or TV shows to watch together. The girl will be surprised at the efforts you have made to please her.

Discovering animal world

Animals are women’s weakness. If they are fluffy, cute, and friendly. They are a surefire way to win the favor of a girl you like. Where to go:

  • animal show or competition;
  • zoo, nature reserve;
  • animal shelter;
  • ranch or farm.

If the girl is not afraid of horses, this is a great opportunity to invite her for a horse ride. Communication with animals calms tension, which means that your first date will pass without stress. Yoursdailynews wishes you great dates no matter which psycho type you are related to!

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