Cause Of Death & Obituary: How Did Nas Blixky Die – Shot In His Head

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A Brooklyn drill rapper Nas Blixky is not dead, despite Twitter rumors, but he remains in critical condition. A quick update of his death cause.

Nas Blixky isn’t dead according to his cousin and friends. A rising Brooklyn drill artist, Nas Blixky has seen a rise in his popularity. Sadly, this has nothing to do with Nas Blixky’s music.

Though Nas Blixky is a rising star, a good portion of the media is not too familiar with his work. However, the media is familiar with his shooting which is a sign that the media needs to do better at this moment.

Moreover, It is a scary situation. the day Nas Blixky was shot in the head, and the reports team say his friend has died. However, his cousin and friends say he is in a critical condition not dead at the moment. To know more about it read the article below.

Cause Of Death & Obituary of Nas Blixky: Here Is The Fact

It is very confusing to declare either Nas Blixky is dead or still alive. Therefore, On Instagram, he was said to be dead, according to one blog where Nas immediately began receiving a lot of “RIP” tweets as well.

However, the situation was said, as Nas Blixky isn’t even twenty years old, he is still in his teenage. Even worse, there were rivals who were glad Nas was reported dead.

After reports of Nas Blixky’s death the news began going viral all over social media platforms, people close to him spoke out, saying he’s still alive but is going treatment.

Furthermore, Nas Blixky is more than just a Brooklyn drill rapper. While that is his claim to fame, he is Nasir Fisher, likely named after Nas.

According to some of the sources, it comes known that Brooklyn Drill Rapper Nas Blixky whose real name is Nasir Fisher shot dead two years after his Blixky brother, Nicky.

How Did Nas Blixky Die: Is He Dead?

Brooklyn Rapper Nas Blixky, whose real name is Nasir Fisher, has reportedly died after he was shot in the head. However, it is still confusing to declare him dead.

According to his cousin and close friends, it comes to know that he is still alive but in a critical condition going under treatment.

However, the Brooklyn drill artist who as a part of the Blixky family, has been linked in the past to the Cho gang, the rivals to set of Woo gang which has also received notoriety through its affiliation with the late Pop Smoke.

Well, sources say Nas Blixky was shot because he dissed another artist PG-16 and linked the possible assassination to rapper FBG Duck’s untimely demise.

Who Shot Nas Blixky In Head?

At this moment, the actual murderer or the person who shot Nas Blixky in the head hasn’t been revealed or the police reports are still investigating to find out the murderer to the public.

Therefore, the internet detectives have an early lead on the soon-to-be next case. Nas EBK is already dissing Nas Blicky and attempting to become the quickest case in internet detective history as of now.

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