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Bike insurance protects an individual from unexpected financial fatalities at the time of accidents or any other losses that began to a third party or their automobile and indemnities to one’s vehicle. This makes bike insurance an obligation. Two-wheeler insurance is a permitted contract between you and the insurance corporation. This insurance policy defends you from expenditures and repair costs that you may face as an outcome of an accident, theft, or natural tragedy, or human-made events like insurrections and lawful accountability towards a third party/person/property.

Be it a motorbike, scooter, or any other vehicle with two wheels, a complete two-wheeler/bike insurance coverage plan will deliver ample cover to you, your bike, and any additional third-party elaborate in an accident. Inclusive Two-Wheeler Insurance or a two-wheeler insurance plan is the superlative friend for you and your bike.

Extra coverages:

Add-on covers are additional coverages that aid policyholders support the coverage of their basic two-wheeler insurance strategies. These can select for standalone own-damage and complete two-wheeler insurance plans. Some of the most general two-wheeler insurance attachments comprise zero reduction cover, engine cover, and road backing cover. 

Like all insurance strategies, a 2-wheeler insurance idea also comes with a legitimacy tenancy post that needs to be transformed. All new two-wheeler landlords need to have at least a five-year third-party two-wheeler insurance policy, while supplementary two-wheeler owners can pick between 1 year and 5-year insurance plans.

The process to get Motorbike policy:

  • Enter Your Bike Details

Fill up your bike particulars like bike make, bike model, fuel category, etc., to discover the top bike insurance policy quotes presented by dissimilar insurance companies based on your stipulations.

  • Compare Bike Insurance Policy Quotes

From all the obtainable plan options, pick the bike insurance policy which sees your supplies and finances in the best probable manner.

  • Pay for the Policy Online

Pay the best of the selected bike insurance policy online. After compensable the premium, you will promptly receive your bike insurance file in your email inbox.

Assistances of Buying Bike Insurance Policy:

When you buy two-wheeler insurance from us, we offer you value-oriented choices to select the right bike insurance policy. Defend your two-wheeler from each risk today. First, comprehend your bike insurance choices, classify the best value & enjoy composure. Get Accidental Damages, Customer Support, Best Price Guarantee, Instant Policy, No Paperwork. valuate the Costs Related to Your Insurance Policy.

Compare the Best of Your Bike Insurance:

Many factors regulate the premium you will pay:

For comprehensive bike insurance, insurance corporations charge diverse premiums for alike coverage. Getting 3 or more comparison estimates is valuable. 

Check numerous insurers’ websites to comparison premiums. Make sure you equivalence the deductibles, handling, and IDVs as premium may be slighter of one insurer but with advanced deductibles, lower coverage, and inferior IDV. This would be bearing you at the time of a claim payment.

For third-party responsibility covers, premium rates are rested down by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. The policyholder has to pay for the individual accident cover as an accompanying along with the buying of the authorized third-party liability insurance policy. 

Select Features That Bearing Your Bike Insurance Premium:

Add Ons Such as Personal Accident Cover

The Personal Accident Cover is obligatory for two-wheeled vehicles similar to the third-party liability cover. A personal accident cover proposal an assured amount in case of death or total infirmity of the owner of the insured bike. 

Insured Declared Value

IDV mentions the current market frequency of your bike. Depending on your bike’s IDV, entitlements can be made in the situation of a collision or theft. The IDV is the all-out sum that the insurance company will pay for your policy claim. 


A deductible states the amount you pay for damage before the insurance company starts to pay. A policy with advanced deductibles attracts a lower premium whereas inferior deductible policies attract higher premiums. 

In cases where the claim elevated is lower than the deductible, the insurance company does not want to settle the claim. 

Record of Your Past Claims History 

The number of entitlements made in a year has a straight impact on your bike insurance policy’s premium. As insurance companies recognize more the number of claims and the promises of you being a careless driver, premiums ascend.

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