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Content:// Are you currently looking for the best antivirus software on your own Android phone. In that case, you should not ignore Avast Mobile Security, a free of charge anti-virus application for the mobile.

Avast Mobile Security has 2 designs for free and compensated use. Nevertheless, for individual people, you utilize the avast free variation is also perfect. The advanced variation is for organizations that who require high security.

What Is Content:// how to download?

Content :// Currently a day’s safety is playing really significant purpose within our real and electronic living.All cellular security applications are dealing with become more strong since malware viruses and episodes also becoming more powerful daily.

What’s the significance of content :// Nevertheless, what on your own cell phone or laptop or PC security? Therefore now you would like to safeguard your cell phone or laptop from virus or spyware episodes! Then setup the top security program like  Avast antivirus.

Following you add up this program then you’re able to discover the’  Content :// temporaryNotifications’ file into your cell phone or notebook. Here you may locate the present short-term sensors by avast antivirus app.


Protect your privacy

Avast Mobile Security assists defend you from crooks who want to enter your phone.

-Help to block spam and spam calls

Protect images, versions, applications with a code, flag or fingerprint.

Modify your IP address if you need it.

Prevent potential threats

Avast Mobile Security assists detect and test destructive applications before installing.

Scan often for threats and security vulnerabilities on your own phone if any.

Protect your data remotely

That function can help you reduce robbers from accessing information and assists retrieve products in case there is information theft.

Enhance performance

Clean trash often to free storage, creating phone run smoother.

Extend battery life.

With the exceptional top features of the Avast Mobile Security application that Fchise has only described. You are able to safely mount the application on your own phone without worrying about anything.

[icon name = “hand-o-right” type = “” unprefixed_class = “”] At the app here:

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Advantages AVAST Mobile Security ANTIVIRUS for ANDROID

In a market flooded with a wide variety of portable antivirus applications , it can be overwhelming to pick an answer that is wonderful for you. Would you like to pay for a security answer or download a free of charge security application? A free of charge portable antivirus answer that delivers good security characteristics is  avast Mobile Security.

With avast ! Mobile Security, you are able to defend your Android cell phone and / or tablet.


That antivirus has the next faculties:


It includes on-demand examination of all applications that you’ve installed on the device, along with the content of the storage card. In addition it runs for recently saved or first-time applications.

You are able to customize the antivirus instrument to schedule runs and conduct updates. You may also configure your antivirus to get rid of suspicious documents and uninstall unrequired applications.

App Manager

If you’re acquainted with Job Manageryou will feel acquainted with avast ! Mobile Security Software Manager. Request supervisor displays a list of applications working on your own device and their respective measurement , CPU employment, and storage and active company consumption.With Request Manager, you are able to uninstall or stop working applications.

What I spotlight here is that you may also see exactly how many KB or MB (KiloBytes or MegaBytes) each application eats in accordance with the kind of relationship applied, be it Wi-Fi, 3G or Roaming.

Privacy report

That new function gives you a written report of most efforts at entry rights, along with the intentions of installed applications. These records offers you an idea of ​​how much data you’re giving to each application.


The firewall or firewall purpose gives great security against efforts to allow hackers compromise your portable device. The firewall will eliminate an application’s Internet access when it views it destructive and reduce exposure of your private information.

Application Blocking

It allows us to block use of the applications we want, for example, Messages to your picture gallery, Facebook, etc. For this, it’s necessary to begin a 4 or 6 number password.

Filter Calls and SMS

Lets you block incoming calls and sms from a list of figures gathered by teams that we can make or from as yet not known numbers.

Data flow information

Reveals a written report of the use of MB (Mega Bytes) used by applications on a 3G or Wi-Fi relationship, you can see the amount of information move to and from your portable device.

That instrument is advantageous when you wish an summary of your data consumption based on time: time, month or year. In addition it offers you strong use of the Software Manager therefore you can make the mandatory changes to your applications.

That antivirus offers a stable security answer for the Android portable device. Defends against destructive applications, worms, spyware and spyware. In this article I have tried to be short in explaining the key characteristics that are provided by avast ! Mobile Security.

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