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A successful man like Aaron Rodgers, an American football quarterback, is a strong woman behind. He plays for the Green Bay Packers team of the National Football League (NFL). But, did you know where Aaron Rodgers got his genes as an athletic man?

Here are the things you need to know about Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers.

Early Life

Her real name is Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers. She was born on January 26, 1958, in Mendocino, California, United States. Her parents are Charles Pittman and Barbara Blair.

Darla attended California Statue University. There she met her husband Edward Wesley Rogers.

The couple belonged to the same dance team at their university. They also were a bit athletic which their sons inherited.

Their sweetness grew and blessed them with three children: Luke Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers, and Jordan Rodgers.

Married Life

It’s nearly five decades since Darla Leigh Rodgers and Edward Rodgers got married. Like any other couple, they went to the same university and started their love story. Their love story is more than any fairy tale.

The couple exchanged vows of forever on April 5, 1980. After their marriage, they started living together lovingly.

Edward Rodgers works now as a chiropractor. He played football in his young days. He was the offensive lineman of Chico State Wildcats from 1973 to 1976.

For around five decades, the couple has their three sons.

Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers Career

She was once on a dance team with Edward Rodgers back in college. After marriage, she’s known to be living with his husband. There are no further details then.

Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers Three Sons

Luke Rodgers is the eldest son of Edward and Darla Rodgers. As per his Instagram bio, he’s not into sports but the 41-year-old man currently does podcast shows for a penny.

He serves Blurry Creatures which is a podcast platform. Luke Rodgers married Aimee Rodgers in April 2019. Recently, the couple announced the coming of their first baby.

Aaron Rodgers is the second son. The 38-year-old man is very much associated with sports. Since 2005, he plays with the professional Green Bay Packers American Football Team.

There’s no more room for another one. Aaron is not any more open to dating. He’s been engaged with Shailene Woodley since 2021.

Jordan Rodgers is the youngest among the three. The 33-year-old man became part of many shows. He won Bachelorette (Season 12).

He also hosted CNBC’s show and Cash Pad. With this, he met the love of his life named Joelle Fletcher, also known as Jojo Fletcher. She is now her fiance.

Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers Relationship with Sons

Aaron was reported to have a bad relationship with his family. His ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn is the chunk of the reasons behind the family’s conflict according to some sources. But, there are not much further details about that.

Aaron had undisclosed disputes with his parents and Jordan. The rest of the family members are in a good relationship with each other. According to some sources, it also boils down to the family’s religious differences.

Aaron grew up with no particular religion. His parents are both Christians. That could be the reason then.

Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers Social Media Presence

There is less information about Darla Leigh Rodgers. She’s not active on any social media. However, you may see her husband’s Instagram profile with more than 1000 followers

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