Daughter Milla Sylvie West Syndrome Struggles, Hamish Mclachlan And Wife Sophie Went Through It All

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Hamish McLachlan talked openly about his daughter Milla’s traumatic struggle with West Syndrome when she was a newborn. McLachlan was upset that his wife Sophie had called so frequently when he was on television covering the Australian Open at that time.

He is a popular choice as master of ceremonies for both public and private events because of his upbeat nature and lighthearted attitude.

Hamish traveled to Europe for three summers to host and call sporting and charitable events and games before coming back to Australia in 2008.

Hamish is a host and sports broadcaster for Seven Sport. Since joining the Seven Network in January 2008, he has worked as a host, presenter, and reporter at numerous events, including hosting AFL Game Day from its inception until the present day and covering every Australian Open tennis tournament up until 2018.

The network’s Olympics and Commonwealth Games were hosted by McLachlan, replacing hosts such as Sandy Roberts and Matt.

Hamish Mclachlan Battled With West Syndrome

Hamish McLachlan has spoken openly about the struggle he and his wife went through after their newborn daughter Milla experienced a health scare in January 2013.

Milla was the McLachlans’ miracle child, conceived on the couple’s third attempt to have a child through IVF.Hamish McLachlan with his wife Sophie and daughter Milla

They were unsure Sophie would be able to conceive naturally after she was involved in a serious car accident before meeting her husband. As a component of her intense treatment, Milla had to be given human growth hormone four times a day that is so potent they aren’t given to animals.

Her parents were warned that Milla would react to it so badly the first time that she wouldn’t open her mouth again and scream.

His brother and AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan played a major role in helping give Milla the human growth hormone.

After six months, Milla had become part of the 10% who survived, with Dr. Freeman describing her as a “miracle.”Milla is now happy and healthy, and McLachlan cherishes every day with her.

Hamish Mclachlan’s Daughter Milla Is Healthy

Dr. Freeman calls Milla’s recovery a “miracle” and adds that she is now a healthy seven-year-old.Milla is now a healthy and enjoying her life with her parents

According to McLachlan, “the only alternative we had was to give her four of a hormone so powerful that they don’t like giving it to animals.” The hormone was given four times a day, and the seizures would “either stop within six days, which were going to either kill her or harm her for life,

The initial hormones caused Milla’s mouth to become sealed, and the side effects made her face swell to the point where she no longer appeared to be Milla.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan, the brother of Hamish, was one of many who offered to assist the parents.

McLachlan began to feel hopeful on day 14 following a run of seizure-free days, but Dr. Freeman warned that the three-month point would be critical. Then, out of anxiety about a relapse, he said six months would be a good indicator of her recovery.

She’s performing bits and pieces while holding a highlighter, according to McLachlan.

Hamish Mclachlan Married Sophie McLachlan

Hamish Mclachlan married his wife Sophie McLachlan in 2010. Sophie McLachlan is a health and PE teacher passionate about health education.Hamish Mclachlan and his wife Sophie ( Source : news )

She is from Auckland and is a licensed teacher with further training in health, wellness, and nutrition. As a teacher, Sophie supports students in developing personal values and beliefs that support healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

Sophie has always been there by her husband’s side. McLachlan started his career in sports management in 1998 with Elite Sports Properties (ESP).

He is a native of North Adelaide, South Australia, and graduated with a degree in commerce from the University of Adelaide after attending St. Peter’s College.

Hamish Mclachlan Joined Seven Network

In 2008, McLachlan joined the Seven Network and took on the co-host role of AFL Game Day, a new Sunday morning Australian Rules Football review panel television program.

Additionally, he accepted a position with Triple M radio as a match-day commentator, calling AFL games on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. McLachlan hosts AFL Game Day, a program that analyzes and breaks down the previous weekend’s AFL round.Hamish McLachlan is a key member of the Seven Network.

He organized Triple M’s Spring Racing Carnival the same year.McLachlan joined the Seven Network’s AFL squad in 2012, beginning co-commentating games on Saturdays with Basil Zempilas.

In 2015, he started working with Dennis Cometti to announce just games played in Melbourne on Sunday afternoons. Later, McLachlan added hosting duties for the network’s Friday night telecasts, which included expert analysts and pre-and post-game analysis. McLachlan began co-commentating Saturday night games with Luke Darcy in 2021.

In 2016, Hamish became a prime-time host for the Seven Network’s coverage of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He has also written for the Melbourne-based Herald Sun.

Hamish Mclachlan Net Worth

Hamish Mclachlan has a net worth of $13million. His main source of income is his occupation as an Australian sports broadcaster and host.

He worked on various athletic events as general manager of the Events and Entertainment Division, including the 2000 Summer Olympics, the 2002 Winter Olympics, the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

In 2004, McLachlan was appointed a director of the AFL Hall of Fame and Sensation exhibition in Melbourne, which was shut down due to massive debt two months after it opened.

He had previously helped form Spyglass Management, which was permitted to run the Hall of Fame. The Federal Court of Australia identified Spyglass Management as “hopelessly insolvent” and “many creditors, whose debts in sum exceed $26 million” in November 2004.

McLachlan presided over the network’s prime-time coverage of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April 2018, which was Seven’s biggest event since the Beijing Olympics and attracted an average of more than 2.1 million Australian viewers.

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