Did Pete Carroll Have A Head Injury? What About The Stitches On His Face?

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Did Pete Carroll Have A Head Injury? Here’s what you need to learn about his face scar from his surgery!

Pete Carroll is the devoted head coach and executive vice president of his precious team Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL).

Known for his win-inviting rigorous training to his team, Carroll is considered to be one of the best football coaches out there.

In addition to this, he is one of the only three coaches who has won both a Super Bowl and college football national championship.

Did Pete Carroll Have A Head Injury? What Happened to Pete Carroll’s Head?

Pete Carroll does not have any head injury in recent days as of today. There have been no reporters of the incident thus, he is completely fine as of now.

Even though he may suffer from accidents, it is for sure that his positive outlook on life and to fight back will not affect his mindset.

Even so, it is sure that the chances of him getting injuries and accidents are high as he is always near the football ground.

His Face Scar from Surgery And Stitches Explained

Pete Carroll has an old scar from one incident from two years ago that has ended as a face scar with stitches. Around two years ago, the legendary coach was hit by the ball during a game that affected his nose.

He went through a serious nose surgery and had to get stitches.

Although the wounds are healed now, the scar is fairly visible while his nose has changed its position a little.

Does He Have Any Illness? Is He Sick? Get Deets On His Health Update

Pete Carroll’s complete medical report has not been shared with the public as of yet.

Given his job as an athletic coach, Carroll, without a doubt, maintains a healthy lifestyle to be free from any illness and sickness.

Thus, the exact deets on his health issues are not accessible at the moment.

However, his health is all right and he is still acing his role as the head coach presently.

Who Is His Wife?

Carroll has been involved in a happy married life with his wife Glena Goranson who he married in 1976. Glena is his second wife but a true soulmate by heart.

Glena and Peter share three children from their union and one grandchild. His children have been a part of the Seattle Seahawk’s executive some time back.

Carroll was previously married to Wendy Pearl from 1973 to 1975.

Know His Net Worth

Given his legendary position, he is estimated to hold his net worth in multi-millions. We have yet to acquire the exact figures of his net worth at the moment.

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