Different types of loft conversion and its benefits:

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What is a loft conversion, Cambridge?

Loft conversion Cambridge is the process of converting the empty room or space into a useful room by expanding the space of your room when you don’t like the idea of moving your house. The loft conversion creates usable space in the room and also add value to your house when you want to sell it. 

There are many things to consider before you go for the loft conversion, therefore it is necessary to hire professional loft convertors companies who complete your work efficiently without making any error.

Important points to consider before the loft conversion Cambridge:

  • Height of your roof to choose the loft conversion type accordingly.
  • Chose the loft conversion type according to your budget.
  • The purpose and use of loft conversion
  • The availability of space in your house or room.
  • Fire safety
  • Stairs
  • Structural integrity
  • Choose the type of loft conversion that adds value to your house.

What are different types of loft conversion?

Types of loft conversions:

  • Roof light loft conversions
  • Dormer loft conversions
  • Hip to gable loft conversions
  • Mansard loft conversion

Roof light loft conversion:

Roof light conversions are the type of loft conversions that is the least expensive and least trouble making choice, as you will not need to make any improvements or changes to the shape or pitch of the roof. All things being equal, it’s simply a process of including skylight windows, laying down an appropriate floor, and adding a flight of stairs to make the room look expandable. For roof light loft conversion you’ll need to have sufficient roof space already without having an expansion to have proper transformation.

Benefits of roof light loft conversion:

  • It is less expensive than another type of loft conversions.
  • Create a lot of additional space if done appropriately.

Dormer loft conversions:

A dormer loft conversion is an expansion that projects from the slope of the roof. The flat-roof dormers are the most popular type of dormer loft conversion. They are suitable for practically any house with a sloping roof. Dormer conversions are less costly and suitable for your budget if you are not looking for something expensive, yet will still add a lot of space for additional headroom and floor space.

Benefits of dormer loft conversions:
  • Add a usable headroom
  • Creates a lot of extra space 
  • Good for ventilation
  • Least expensive than other loft conversion types
  • Good for light crossing
Hip to gable loft conversions:

Hip-to-gable conversions work by broadening the sloping ‘hip’ roof along with the side corners of your property outwards to make a vertical ‘gable’ wall, making more internal loft space. This kind of loft conversion will only work on confined or semi-detached houses, as it requires a free sloping side roof. If you own a detached house with sloping roofs on one or the other side, you have a choice to build on both which will create more hip to gable extension.

Benefits of the hip to gable loft conversion:
  • It is more appealing and aesthetic
  • It can be combined with the dormer loft if you want to create additional space 
  • Mostly suitable for big bungalows.

Mansard loft conversion:

Mansard expansions run along the entire length of your home’s rooftop and will change the point of the rooftop incline, making it practically vertical. A mansard loft conversion is very expensive than other types of loft conversions yet will bring about a lot of additional room and space. A mansard loft conversion is appropriate for most of the property types such as:

  • detached houses
  • semi-detached houses
  • Terraced houses.
Benefits of mansard loft conversion:
  • More appealing and aesthetic than other loft conversions.
  • Suitable for most of the properties.
  • Creates more additional headroom space
  • Best for good light crossing.

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