Do you know how much cost surrogate mother?

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Who is a surrogate mother?

A woman who carries another woman’s baby in her womb for nine months is said to be a surrogate mother. The couples who choose a surrogate mother are not able to reproduce by their selves so they seek from the women who will give birth to their baby. One thing we should remember is that a surrogate mother does not have any genetic relationship with the baby, as it depends on the future parents of the baby that they allow her to meet the baby in the future or not. Whether throughout nine months every expense of the surrogate mother is up to the baby’s real parents. These expenses include transportation, medications, lab tests, accommodation, food, etc. You can contact the surrogacy agency of Feskov’s for better concern.

Why surrogate mother charges are too high?

Yes, the cost of the surrogate mother is too high in some countries, especially in America.The reason is medicines that are used by the reproductive clinics throughout pregnancy. In the USA after paying a lot of charges you will also get infinite benefits after the baby is born. Your baby will get citizenship directly after his birth but yes with benefits, you will also get a few restrictions. Ask more to guide you better about the cost of surrogate mother from Leihmutterschaft agentur der Feskov now.  The reasons which make surrogacy costly are listed below:

In Vitro Fertilization

As we know IVF treatment is not always successful so in Ukraine the reproductive clinic takes this responsibility to make IVF treatment successful. But similarly, in a few other countries, you will get 2 or 4 chances to make IVF successful after these chances you have to pay again.

Cesarean section payment

In surrogacy one of the basic requirements is that the surrogate mother is to give birth naturally. But in case if she is not able to give birth naturally and doctors should do C-section then the rate of surrogacy gets doubled automatically.

Requirements of a surrogate mother:

You can be the surrogate mother of the most respectable woman because she helps those couples who aren’t able to reproduce. To choose a surrogate mother you can get help from surrogacy agency of Feskov’s and the requirements she should fulfill are given:

  • If you are choosing a woman as a surrogate mother who is already married, she should submit an agreement letter signed by her husband.
  • A surrogate mother should be able to give birth to a healthy child naturally without a cesarean section.
  • Women going to be surrogate mothers should not have any sexually transmitted disease as it can be transferred to the baby.
  • She should not be addicted to any type of drug as drug addiction can affect a baby’s health.
  • A woman with somatic and pathological diseases can’t be a surrogate mother.
  • You should check the entire medical tests are clear or not before selecting a surrogate mother.

What does the cost of a surrogate mother include?

While talking about the cost of a surrogate mother we aren’t asking for how much you will pay for surrogacy. As a surrogate mother has her own expense which is the responsibility of future parents to fulfill. The main question asked by the people is how much cost surrogate mother and what is included in it? So the answer is the cost of a surrogate mother includes her entire maintenance throughout her pregnancy period. This entire maintenance will include her food, food, clothing, transportation, medical test, and a few more things.Nowadays there is a solution to every medical issue but one thing that is difficult or you can say impossible to solve is infertility. So in case of infertility, you can get help from the leihmutterschaft agentur der Feskov if you want to have a baby with genetic relation because surrogacy is the best option to choose. In surrogacy, you will hire a woman and fulfill her expenses so she will give birth to a baby naturally.

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