Does Michael Portillo Have Children? Family Tree Explored

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Does Michael Portillo Have Any Children? Wife And Married Life Explored

Michael Portillo doesn’t have any children, as per Reality TitBit.

Having tied the knot with Carolyn Eadie in 1982, the couple is currently in the 40th year of their marriage. But unfortunately, they don’t have any children.

According to an interview with Reality Titbit, Carolyn had to battle breast cancer two years after their marriage. This might be the reason behind them not having any children.

Nonetheless, both Mr. Portillo and his wife complement and support each other.

Michael Portillo Religion: Is He Jewish?

Michael Portillo has once praised the ways of the Jewish community.

However, the former cabinet minister has not revealed his religious preferences until now. He is very much private when it comes to his personal life.

Moreover, the broadcaster has been spotted in many programs organized by the local Jewish community. But he made it sound like he was supporting the cause and he actually does too.

So, there’s no way to know his religion exactly, for the time being.

A Successful Politician And Much-Loved Journalist: Michael Portillo

Michael Portillo is very much loved both as a politician and a journalist.

As a member of the Conservative party, he was an MP for Enfield Southgate for 13 years and Kensington and Chelsea for 6 years from 1999 to 2005.

After that, Portillo decided to drop out of the House of commons and retired from politics entirely. The 68-year-old currently works as a journalist. He once surprised everyone with successful modeling as well.

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