Edward Matthews is currently facing 22 accusations in six separate criminal cases against his black neighbor

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Things aren’t looking for Edward “Cagney” Matthews, who became viral in July because of his racist rant against his black neighbor. As you may remember, Edward also challenged people to pull up in case of problems.So a crowd of protesters accepted his invitation and later The police took Edward was detained.Currently, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office Announced new accusations against Edward, With individual accusations against four protesters.

“The only proof of Matthew’s anger is that the judicial system will eventually intervene and hold him accountable for harassment campaigns against him not only that day, but also in some other cases and the big picture. What we have made possible is that the African-American members of Essex Place HOA have been members for 14 months, “said the prosecutor’s report.

The racist conflict took place on July 2nd in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Edward actively approached his black neighbor and shouted a racial slur. He shouted to his neighbor to learn the law and called him a “monkey.”

After all, his viral moments weren’t the first time he had acted this way against his black neighbor. However, Mount Laurel police say they handled previous complaints against Edward on a case-by-case basis. This means that his racist illicit activity was not checked because there was no criminal activity in the individual case or there was not enough evidence to prosecute him. But the prosecution says it wasn’t a favor.

“But the MLPD may not have been aware of the real problem. A racist campaign until Matthew harassed African-American HOA board members until he left the board and home. “We did,” said the prosecutor’s report.

45 years old Charging 22 offenses or offenses spanning “six separate cases, including harassment, vandalism, and prejudiced crimes against neighbors.” All of these are identified as African Americans.

The prosecution reported that the indictment was “pending.” This means that Edward “benefits all of them from the presumption of innocence.” At this time, Edwards has been detained by police since he was first arrested.

Four protesters have also been charged for their actions and post-arrest actions while police escort Edward from a townhouse to a police car. Each crime was reportedly captured by a camera or aired on a local news program on the night of the protest.

“These actions include deploying pepper spray on police officers and Matthews, spitting on police officers, throwing bricks through the windows of Matthews’ townhouse, throwing rocks in the direction of the police, and police cars Matthews. It included putting on a police car and hitting it to damage it. A police car, “said the report.

Edward Matthews is currently facing 22 accusations in six separate criminal cases against his black neighbor

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