Elsie Albert Gender – Man Or Woman – Is The Rugby Player Transgender?

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Elsie Albert identifies her gender as a female though she has been rumored to be transgender due to her masculine looks. Get to know her exact gender as well as other personal details below.

Elsie Albert is a professional rugby league footballer from Papua New Guinea. She is currently playing as the prop for the St. George Illawarra Dragons team in the NRL Women’s Premiership.

In addition to this, she is a praiseworthy captain of the national rugby team of Papua New Guinea. She is considered one of the pioneer yet respectful women rugby players in her country as she has fought the gender issues in rugby.

Elsie Albert Gender Revealed: Is She Man Or Woman?

Elsie Alberts’s gender has been revealed as a woman as she plays for the women’s team in rugby.

Moreover, she has captured national and international attention as one of the notable rugby players of the NRL Women’s Premiership.

She has always played in the women’s division in her relatable interested sports field.

She was a boxer fighting in the girl’s division until she decided to take up rugby during her high school days.

Meet Elsie Albert Partner

Elsie Alberts shares a professional yet personal friendship with her partner Steph Hancock from the Dragons. Many have speculated that they are romantically linked together, while both athletes have not bothered with replies.

They are often seen together on the ground and behind their games though they have yet to confirm their relationship status.

Hence, not much can be said about the rugby star’s partner and what goes on in her dating life.

Elsie Albert Age: How Old Is She?

Elsie Alberts’s current age is 25 years old as of 2021. She was born in 1996 in Nipa, Papua New Guinea.

Similarly, she celebrates her birthday on May 20 every year with her family and loved ones.

Is Elsie Albert On Instagram?

Elsie is available on Instagram under the username @elsiealbert3 though she is not active on the platform as of today. She is active on Facebook, where she gives insights into her life outside of the game field.

However, it seems the PNG captain is not fond of social media as she only tends to Facebook aside from other social media platforms.

Is The Elsie Albert Transgender? Before and After Transition Surgery Journey

Elsie has not been confirmed to be a transgender person as of yet.

Likewise, there are no reports on her gender transition surgery, nor the pictures of her before and after surgery are on display.

She is often pulled into transgender speculations due to her masculine looks. However, the rumors cannot be stated as true until the rugby star herself confirms the rumors.

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