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International Brazilian star Ricardo Milos launched a program ricardomilosdolol (Twitch channel) and posted his first video in March 2018. The video got popular and brought fame for him. He is shirtless and wearing a red bandana in Video. More than 5000 people followed him at that time.

Who is a Ricardo milos?

A Ricardo milo is a famous gaming youtuber and tiktoker, actor and a pornographer. He was born on 11 Nov 1977. He and his brother were twin and adopted. His parents who brought him up were Greek (father) and Canadian (mother). He is Brazilian and has a mixed heritage of Brazilian and Irish.  Ricardo has 5.8 feet in height and 190 pounds of weight. He has wrestler like body. He has been a model for 10 years. His father was a photographer and he taught him the art of photography. Ricardo is a good photographer as well and he knows how to take and pose for good photos.

He also has done movies for a short period and made an association with the media stream. Later he started to dance erotically.

Ricardo has different hobbies like photography, rock climbing, dining out, bodybuilding, DVD, mp3s, magnet collection, jet skiing and bowling. Red, green and golden are his favorite colors. He likes snoopy from the peanuts.

Ricardo milos meme

Ricardo milos dance in erotically on butterfly song, urge the people to make memes on it. Russian netizens made his first meme. He made his dancing video on a Dota 1 theme song. Later after the TikTok got launched, his dancing videos got viral on it and people start to make a meme on him.

In Japan, he was popular due to his Brazilian Strippers Dance. 

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Is Ricardo milos dead?

Ricardo last time logged in his a famous muscle account in 2018.  It means he is alive since 20198 but in this year 2020, it’s not confirmed. To date, there is no confirmed news that either he is alive or dead.

As people are curious about the famous star. Where he is now? In August 2019, He Posted that he is living in Fort Myers (Florida) and focusing on rising 13-year-old his son. 

Why is Ricardo milos famous?

Ricardo milos got fame in different ways. As we know he is a gaming YouTuber, pornographic actor, artist ad dancer. Ricardo milos is known as a dancing guy with American song and wearing the red bandana. His dance gets famous when it was upload on TikTok against the other dancers in the mid of October. It was the first time published at Russian websites, later on at English websites.

His videos are famous for one feature that is he doesn’t speak when he appeared in his videos of Gachimuchi. There are a lot of videos like this in which Ricardo or other people who copy him, dance like a butterfly at a butterfly song.

Is Nilton Flix is Ricardo? 

Does everyone want to know who is Nilton Flix? Is he Milos or his brother or siblings?  The Guy Nilton has resemblance with Milos. The real star has no social media or any public platform.  He chats with his fans by using the Yahoo platform.

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