Five (5) Ways To Make Your Mother Proud of You (Forever)

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As you walk ahead to claim the trophy, paying no attention to whatever the crowd is saying or how they feel, your eyes are focused on the trophy with a feeling that you have achieved the best thing ever in life. With this trophy, you believe you can deal with any bullet that life shoots at you.

This feeling aptly defines the kind of emotions that runs through you when you receive one of the best things in the world, your mother’s smile of approval. This smile carries a lot of words behind it, “That’s my child, You have done so well. I’m sooo proud of you.”

Every typical child yearns for a mother’s approval. There are children who have gone through immeasurable heights to please their mother and make her proud of them. While it is true that achieving this is possible, it requires some work to make it possible.

Below, this article is going to discuss five among several things you can do to please your mother. By doing these things and even more, you will gain that smile of approval from your mother, you will make your mother proud of you (forever).

Five (5) Ways to Do It

  1. Show her love, care, and respect

Expressing your love, care and respect is one way to make her proud of you. Surprisingly, as a child yearns for a mother’s approval, so a mother yearns for her child’s love, care, and respect. So give those to her in abundance. 

Here are some ways you can be generous to your mother with your love, care, and respect.

Tell her how you feel about her:  To do this doesn’t necessarily require you to write a long epistle. Just saying the words “I love you” can do the job. You can do this in person, through a short note, or by reading and replying to mom’s messages and calls promptly.

Be a good listener: Children tend to listen to their mom less as they grow older. Some of them feel they don’t need the advice of a parent any longer as they are older. Nothing sweetens a mother’s heart like a child paying attention or following her wise advice because she wants the best for that child. So take time not to neglect the advice of your mum.

Another way you can be a good listener to your mother is to be there for her when she needs someone to pour her heart into. She is human too, and so she faces challenges and needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes. You might not need to necessarily speak too much, just be there to listen to whatever she has to say.

  1. Show gratitude for the gifts you receive from your mother

As Amy Collette once said, “Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul,” showing your mother that you appreciate and are grateful for the gifts she gives you, no matter how small, can make her very happy. 

A mother has bestowed her child numerous gifts in his or her lifetime. The primary gift every mother gives her child, no matter how irresponsible that mother is, is the gift of life. Apart from that, taking care of the child till adulthood, teaching that child valuable life lessons, and even buying physical gifts are what mothers do.

Here are some ways you can show gratitude to your mother and make her proud of you. 

Learn to say thank you: The little things we often take for granted are most times what really matter. Don’t rack your brain thinking of the big things to do to show how grateful you are. Saying thank you can go a long way to expressing gratitude.

Not just perfunctorily saying it, but showing that you mean it. You can try reaching out and laying your hand on her arm.

Do not complain: Complaining is the exact opposite of gratitude. When you complain about the things your mum can afford to give you, it shows you do not appreciate her efforts. The habit not only saddens your mum but affects you physically and emotionally. 

When you complain, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which raises your blood pressure and blood sugar leading to gradual impairment of your immune system and making you more vulnerable to high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and your brain to strokes.

Therefore quit “complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, (and)  be happy the thorn bush has roses.” In the long run, you save both yourself and your mother’s happiness.

  1. Learn to assist your mother in her responsibilities

Being a mother comes with a lot of responsibilities. A mother is a nurse, teacher, cook, cleaner, laundry woman, and even a friend. She performs all these duties with joy but as a human feels tired sometimes. To make your mother proud of you as a child, you can lend a helping hand.

Assist in-house chores: One way to assist your mum with her responsibilities is to help with household chores. You can offer to do the dishes, take care of the laundry, clean the house or even cook sometimes, as your age allows. There is nothing wrong with surprising her with breakfast in bed.

Share in paying bills: Paying bills is another thing that can exhaust your mother, especially if she is a single mother. There are light bills to pay, water, heat, and other necessities. If you are old enough and you already earn income, you can assist her in taking care of some of the bills.

Treat her sometimes: As a mother needs rest from the stress and bustle of life, a treat can soothe her. You can text mom beautiful messages, bring a flower bouquet, take her out for lunch, plan a spa day or a weekend getaway. 

You can also cook her a special meal, spend some time playing games or gisting with her or even get her products for her physical and mental health.

  1. Be a good human being, both to her and others

The principles and values of life that a mother teaches her child is to help that child become a better human in life. When she sees the results of her teachings in her child’s life, she will be both happy and proud of that child.

Show acts of kindness: Everyone around us has one or two personal problems that they are battling. We do not know what people are going through in life, therefore, treating people kindly and not rudely will be the right thing to do.

In a situation where you have the ability to help a person in need, develop the willingness to do so. Remember that one act of kindness you display can save a person’s life.

Learn to forgive: Catherine Jackson, a licensed clinical psychologist and neurotherapist, said, “Harboring unforgiveness breeds negative thoughts. Decide to let it go and make a plan to never go to bed angry.”

Carrying a grudge in our heart for the wrong that a person does to us, hurts and affects us more than it does to that person. Learn to let go of resentment both for the sake of the offender and also for your own sake. When a child lives a good life, the mother is happy and proud of that child knowing that the time and efforts she took in training her child were not wasted.

  1. Child Doing More Than Survive If Their Mom Dies 

The care, discipline, and training a mother imbibes in her child is to prepare him for life as an adult, or a life without her in it. The teachings can help a child survive and live a good life even when the mother is not there.

The death of a mother is a treacherous thing that can separate a mother and her child. A mother wants her child not to allow her death to ruin her child’s life. She wants that child to get up, dust himself, and forge ahead in life.

Although it is easier said than done, maintaining stability in life after the death of a mother is achievable. With mom apps like the Messages from Mom app, dealing with the death of a mother is bearable. Through the app, you can receive comforting messages and get back to your routine.

While it is okay and healthy for a child to grieve openly, the child should be careful not to dwell on it for a long time as it would be damaging healthwise. Try to resume your normal activities as soon as possible as this will help to relieve some of the grief associated with the death of a mother.


For a mother to be proud of a child (forever), that child must show the mother that he loves and respects her. As appreciation and gratitude bring joy, a mother is happy when her child does not complain but is grateful for the things she gives him, no matter the size.

To gain the pride of a mother is not a day’s job but a gradual process, a child has to work at his best to make his mother happy. Giving her a helping hand with some of her responsibilities and allowing her teachings to reflect in your way of life is another way to make her proud of you.

Whether dead or alive, every mother wants her child to live the best life. Therefore even after the death of your mother, prove that you deserve your mother’s smile of approval by not allowing her death to ruin your life.

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