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How Do You Fix the [Pii_Email_556bd796439757dd3b82] Error on Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook’s [Pii_Email_556bd796439757dd3b82] error code is reportedly creating issues while sending and receiving emails. Thousands of different Outlook patrons are experiencing this error while trying to access their email accounts. Have you also gone through the same issue? If yes, and you want to get rid of it, read the suggestions in this article provided by us.

Although Microsoft Outlook is a well-built email manager program, it may exhibit errors when its installation gets damaged. Apart from the installation corruption, some other things can also awaken the [pii_email_556bd796439757dd3b82] error code, be it account login issues, duplicate account problem, and more.

There can be other reasons behind this error, like a slow internet connection, a software problem in the device, temporary files, etc.
Thankfully, there are a few ways to solve this problem code effortlessly, and we will explain it below.

Let’s get started.

What Causes [Pii_Email_556bd796439757dd3b82]?

The most likely cause of this blunder is the flaw in the application installation. The installation can become corrupt for some reasons, such as interfering with the program files in the system drive, changing advanced system settings, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, and more.

Some other insignificant things can also bring this error on your computer while using Outlook, like weak connectivity, incorrect system time, and others.

Now you know all the reasons that can trigger this problem, but that’s not enough to get rid of it. You have to follow the instructions that we are providing below.

Simple Tips to Fix [Pii_Email_556bd796439757dd3b82]

Method 1: Configure the System Time

Wrongly set time will limit Outlook from using the accurate internet time zone, and it won’t be able to receive and transmit data online. Consequently, you will get this error code whenever sending or receiving emails using this application. Hence, the first approach you should try is checking your computer time and fixing if it is incorrect. Here is how you examine the time on your computer:

  1. Look at your system clock, situated on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Right-click on it and select the ‘Adjust Time option.
  3. A new window will appear on your screen to configure the clock.
  4. Please carefully see whether the time and time zone is correct.
  5. If you think there is something wrong with the time or the zone, quickly click on ‘change system time and zone.’
  6. Select the date and time zone as per your locality.
  7. Click ‘Apply’ and close the window and all other applications.
  8. Please reboot your computer to obtain the new settings.

You have fixed the system clock, and it may troubleshoot the error code [pii_email_556bd796439757dd3b82]. Now, open the application once again and try to access your emails.

Method 2: Restore to a Previous Date

This is one of the most influencing solutions to fix the email problems on windows based laptop or desktop. Here is how you restore your device software to a previous point:

  1. First of all, close all other applications and processes on your computer.
  2. Now navigate to the start menu and find the ‘system restore’ option by searching for it.
  3. Open the ‘System restore’ feature and click on the ‘Start system restore’ option.
  4. Find and click on the option that says ‘Restore to an earlier state.’
  5. Select a previous date and click the ‘Restore’ button to initiate the process.
  6. Hold on and let the process finish.
  7. Restart your device and see if Outlook is working fine now.

Method 3: Fix [Pii_Email_556bd796439757dd3b82] by Deleting Temporary Data

Temporary files may also affect the installed programs on your computer. When a temporary file linked to Outlook becomes corrupt or missing, you may experience the error, pii_email_556bd796439757dd3b82.

Users can terminate this blunder by deleting all temporary files and restarting the device. When you do this, your computer will automatically rebuild all temporary files that were corrupted.

You can also remove all temporary data from your device using these steps:

  1. Search for %temp% inside the start menu search bar.
  2. Then locate and select the ‘Temp’ folder from the results.
  3. Now you will get all temporary files on your screen.
  4. To delete all of these temporary items from your system, press the ‘Control + A’ keys on your keyboard. Then hit the ‘Shift + Delete’ buttons.
  5. You have successfully deleted all files, so restart your computer and check if the problem persists.

Method 4: Repair the Installation Folder

You can easily restore the [pii_email_556bd796439757dd3b82] error on Outlook using the below instructions:

  1. Open the Control Panel app on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Navigate to ‘Programs and features.’
  3. Select “Uninstall a program from the given options.
  4. Next, right-click the Microsoft Office icon.
  5. Click on the Repair option.
  6. Follow the on-screen suggestions and finish the repairing process.
  7. The Outlook application is now repaired completely, and you can use it without any issues.

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