Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition Trim is scheduled for 2021

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Was there a rumor of Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition from the beginning of the year? January 4, Bronco6G Forum members have started a thread About the word-based model from Ford Source, the only information at the time showing the 2-door E5G body code Bronco Heritage Limited and 4-door version of the E5H body code. Both feature the advanced four-wheel-drive system that comes standard with current Badlands and Wildtrack trims. Apparently, Ford intended to sell the 2021 and 2022 model trim, but it was abandoned in the first year because it got in the way of life.

Now, CarsDirect Just got NS to lease 2022 Bronco Residual Documents, Documents, Including Heritage Limited Edition Ford Authority Got again I’ve confirmed and published its location on the Bronco Heritage Limited Edition and Wild Track. This document also demonstrates that this is a full trim, not a package. Heritage Limited is believed to effectively replace the First Edition as a top-class product.

After a 10-month forum chat, Ford did a great job of sealing the core, just speculation among the fan base. Series Spy shot from February I’ve identified some vintage clues. The prototype rides on a four-slot steal, originally white but painted black, with a center cap large enough to hide the lug nuts reminiscent of the original 1966 Bronco. Was there. Those white wheels match the white grille found behind the camouflage and have the original red “Ford” letters instead of the modern ones. Of the truck “Bronco” Forum Posted from June Bronco6G It contained a parts document showing the grill with the letters “FORD”.

Those old SUVs had steel wheels painted to fit the white grille and white top. Ford has already confirmed that the white top will be available in the future. .. The prototype also rides on the same 35-inch off-road tires that come with the Sasquatch package, taking advantage of the high-end 4WD system. Another speculation is Oxford White Modular Hardtop The Oxford White Door hands, triangular windows, available herringbone interiors, and Bronco fender badges were script matched, but the white bumpers and fenders, and the first edition of the severed swayer were rejected.

Wildtrak costs about $ 48,000 for a two-door format and about $ 50,000 for a four-door format, so all you can say with reasonable confidence is that it’s expensive. It should put it behind the Bron Corruptor, which is one of the other special models we know will come next year, and don’t forget Bronco Everglades We plan to snorkel the lineup next summer as well.

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