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Chloe Ferry has undergone a major transformation since she joined the cast of Geordie Shore over five years ago and looks almost unrecognisable after a string of surgeries and treatments.

The self-confessed plastic surgery addict has never been one to shy away from going under the knife and been open about the procedures she’s had done over the years, including three boob jobs, two nose jobs, lip fillers, botox and more.

Opening up about her love of a bit of nip and tuck, Chloe once admitted, “I love surgery and I’ll never stop. I want my face to be like, ‘woah’.

“My attitude to surgery is that if you want to have something done, you should get it. Surgery boosts my confidence and I think I’m addicted now. If you looked at me compared to when I started Geordie Shore there’s a huge difference.”

So, just what has the reality star done?

Chloe Ferry before surgery

Chloe Ferry, then known as Chloe Etherington, was a fresh-faced when she joined the cast of Geordie Shore in 2015. 

Well THIS is what she used to look like:

She was just 19 when she entered the GS house but quickly found herself following Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Marnie Simpson’s lead and getting a load of plastic surgery.

Chloe Ferry nose job

Chloe had her first nose job in May 2016 to correct the tip of her nose but later admitted she wasn’t happy with the results and “can’t really breathe out of my nose”.

She added, “I hate my nose. It’s just too small, my nostrils need to be widened.”

Two years later, the Geordie Shore star unveiled the results of a second procedure on her nose.

Chloe was then forced to hit back at trolls after being compared to Michael Jackson.

Chloe Ferry lip fillers

Chloe’s been very open about her use of lip fillers over the years and has even shared videos of her undergoing the procedure on social media.

She was previously a regular at Mac Aesthetics clinic but now offers fillers at her own beauty salon, CM House of Aesthetics.

Chloe Ferry liposuction and bum lift

Chloe travelled to Marbella with then-boyfriend Sam Gowland in 2018 to have liposuction on her stomach. The fat was then injected in to her stomach in order to give her a Kardashian-esque bottom.

Chloe Ferry cheek fillers

Just by comparing before and after pictures, you can see how much Chloe’s face has changed over the last couple of years. She’s had injections in her cheeks to give her a more pillowy appearance, but even that isn’t enough – she once revealed she wants muscles in her cheeks removed to give her a smoother jawline. GRIM.

Chloe has also spoken about changing the shape of her face by getting chin fillers or to make her jaw “pop”.

Chloe Ferry boob job

Although she once claimed she’d “never get a boob job”, Chloe admitted to having a breast augmentation in 2017 after trolls claimed she had “saggy boobs”.

But, in a tearful Snapchat video, Chloe explained how the operation had left her with horrific scarring.

She later went under the knife again to get the scarring corrected at the same time as she had her second rhinoplasty – a double-whammy surgery that set her back around £15,000.

Chloe Ferry breast reduction

The reality star’s latest round of nip and tuck came in 2020 as she jetted of to Turkey to have a breast reduction.

Speaking after the the op, Chloe said, “It’s two days after my surgery and these are my new smaller boobs. I’ve had an uplift, but look I can move around I’m so fine,” and compared her old implants to dumplings.

Chloe Ferry tattooed eyebrows

The Geordie Shore star took HD brows to a whole ‘nother level when she got a brow lift done at the age of 20. The procedure involves an incision in the hairline to tighten the forehead and lift up the brows, and can sometimes lead to hair loss and scarring.

Chloe has also had semi-permanent makeup tattooed onto her natural eyebrows to make them look fuller and thicker even without makeup. Sounds painful.

Chloe Ferry Brazilain  bum 

Although she’d previously vowed to never have work done on her bottom, Chloe had a bum lift done during a trip to Marbella with then-boyfriend Sam Gowland in 2018.

The gory procedure involved having liposuction to remove fat from her stomach, which was then injected into her bum. Ouch.

Chloe had the surgery done to achieve a Kardashian-esque derriere, but the painful op meant she couldn’t sit down for weeks. Not ideal, tbh.

That didn’t put her off having more surgery though as she admitted she’ll “never stop” having work done as she continues her quest for her ideal body.

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