Gpo Map Roblox Where These Locations exist in the Game?

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The pirate-based fighting adventure game for Roblox, GPO (Grand Piece Online), has begun to attract the attention of gamers around the world. It is popular with players in the US and UK.

In addition, the game has a unique map, which, in addition to the new gameplay and story, attracts more and more players. The game map features various exciting places and locations to discover. Players of all levels can access these locations to hunt for treasures.

If you are new to this game, the game’s new Gpo Roblox map is worth checking out so that you can discover treasures and win easily.

What is Gpo Map Roblox?

Each multiplayer game in Roblox comes with different maps that players can enjoy the gameplay on. Likewise, GPO has a game map containing various locations and islands to explore. If you are new to this game, you need to know the game map to increase your chances of winning a level.

The game map is divided into four directions – South, West, North and East. Each location on the Gpo Roblox map has something special and players must discover treasures by fighting bosses and going through challenges.

The player’s task is to visit and explore islands and places on the map to discover treasures and collect them to advance in the game. In addition, some locations also feature challenges and obstacles that players must overcome in boss battles.

Below, you will learn more about the game map, which will help you find treasures.

Map of the Gpo Roblox in detail

• South – South part of the game map includes two locations, Sandora and Spawn

• Southwest – The southwestern part of the map includes two locations, Haki and Yeti

• West – The western part of the map includes Mink, Buggy, Rokushiki, Shells and Barratie Island

• North – Colosseum, Roku and PVP island are to the north of the map

• North-East – Sword is located in the North-East

• East – Runway and Marine are the two places in the eastern part of the Gpo Roblox map

The game map features an island for treasure hunt and players must explore to complete the mission and advance through the game.

Where are these locations in the game?

All of the locations listed above are available in the Phoey Sea or the First Sea. Players must understand that locations are not open to everyone. Players must level up to access certain restricted areas on the map.

For example, to access Sandora in Gpo Map Roblox, level 10 or higher is required, and level 50 or higher is required to access Orange Town. Locations such as Marine Ford and Elo’s Island are only available to players level 285 and above.

Land of the Sky locations are available to high-level players of 154 or more.


The GPO map in Roblox makes the gameplay interesting and attracts players to explore the location and complete the treasure hunt in the game.

Please note that not all map locations are available to players as you need to be a certain level to access premium locations in Gpo Map Roblox.

Which locations have been explored on the GPO map? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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