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Making the journey back from full drug addiction to normal life is the same as having been to hell and coming back home but it needs to happen through a halfway housepost detoxification. Depending on the level of addiction, you need to go through a process of detoxification that involves several medical interventions aimed at freeing you from any kind of physical dependence on drugs. During this process, you may have to endure a withdrawal syndrome if it is acute but in the end, you become physically detached from the substance. 

Ending physical dependence on drugs is not enough 

However, this is only a part of the journey where physical dependence and attachment to the substance have been checked but the larger question of psychological and emotional rehabilitation remains. It is well known that the effect of drugs on the addict’s mind can be quite strong and there are enough cases where addicts have ended up in mental correction centers. These are not rehabilitation centers but hospitals where mentally disoriented or challenged individuals are admitted. Hence after detoxification, you need to think, “Where can I find a halfway house near me?” 

The world is not going to be kind to you 

Whatever may have been your reason for getting addicted to drugs and howsoever well you have managed to deal with the detoxification and physical dependence on drugs, the real test is yet to come. The general opinion of somebody doing drugs is that addicts are a part of the problem and are mixed up with criminals. When you return from detoxification, you will be looked upon with suspicion even if you have never mixed with criminals. These and similar other issues are not easy to handle unless you are prepared for them. Strengthen your resolve and ask your dear ones, “Are there halfway houses near me?” 

Locating halfway houses is not difficult 

Even if people close to you are not able to help you find a rehabilitation center close by, do not get stressed; it is not difficult to find them. You can always find one by checking out a Halfway House directory. It is extremely helpful for everyone who has come out of drug detoxification. Even if you think that you have the mental strength to cope with the emotional outcome of interaction with the world outside, there are many things that you may not be aware of. It is more of a behavioral issue where you need to overcome all kinds of emotional turmoil and remain sober for your own sake. 

The main idea is not to get stressed or traumatized to a point where you are driven back to taking the refuge of drugs to overcome the mental trauma. Of course, your dear ones will stand by you but there may be the odd exception where something spoken out of turn by someone close to you, annoys you so much that you end up reacting. Unless you go through the process of psychological rehabilitation at a Halfway House, you will not be clued up with ways and means to handle such situations. Your nervous system, which controls your mind, would still be in a state of recovery even though you are physically detached from drugs.

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