Has Ethoslab Done A Face Reveal? Facts To Know About The YouTuber

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EthosLab is a Youtuber who loves to play Minecraft on his channel. Learn about his face reveal in the article below.

EthosLab is a Canadian YouTuber who passionately plays Minecraft on his channel. With 2.34 million followers, he entertains his viewers by presenting his gaming skills.

EthosLab joined Youtube on September 24, 2008. Since then, the channel has grown a lot. Despite being such a sensation on YouTube among Minecraft lovers, he has not yet revealed his face.

His persistent viewers are consistently asking to reveal his face on every video he posts.

Please go through the article to enlighten yourself about his face reveal, Reddit real name, and Instagram. 

So, endure the paragraphs to gather as much information about the YouTuber.

Has Ethoslab Done A Face Reveal?

A lot of YouTuber channels posts videos that claim the face reveal of EthosLab. However, none of them are true. For few views and tons of harsh comments, other YouTube channels try to reveal the fake identity of the anonymous EthosLab.

EthosLab has neither revealed nor confirmed his face reveal done by other channels but, he has given some hints regarding his appearance.

In the first Cube world episode during character recreation, he talked about his hair and physical features. He is a skinny person with curly yellow hair that sticks up. He has described his hairstyle as similar to one of the possible Cube World characters.

Similarly, he is 6’2″ and sometimes wears glasses. Etho says he is thin due to his high metabolism.

Hence, these are some of the information he gave to his viewers regarding his aspects.

His Reddit Real Name & Instagram

Not only on YouTube, but all the social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and others, his fans are desperate to find out his real identity.

Many Reddit users post their theories related to his name, some of them making fun of it while others take it as a serious matter of concern.

Despite all of the turmoil, his real name is yet to discover. His contents do not require his name or face but, his viewers are still desperate to know about his personal life.

Born on August 20, 1986, 35-year-old Canadian gaming YouTuber is nowhere to find on Instagram. Nevertheless, he remains active on Twitter.

With a massive follower count of 287.5k, he is under the username @EthoLP. Even on his Twitter account, he tweets and retweets about his gaming.

Anyone know if YouTube is having compression issues lately? I haven’t changed any settings but it seems to be getting worse for me.

— Etho (@EthoLP) November 3, 2020

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