Holly Sonders, Entrepreneur And Former FOX Sports Broadcasting Superstar

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I was thrilled to discover Dad and Buried, the Anti Parent parenting blog, after reading a fantastic review of it on Bourbon & Boots, a rustic...

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We caught up with Holly Sonders, the savvy entrepreneur and former FOX sports broadcasting superstar.

My car of choice

Ferrari, my entire life it’s been Ferrari. I owned a couple of Maseratis over the years which are like the little brother to the Ferrari, but I’m ready for a Ferrari. I have two Range Rovers currently, a white one and a black matte colour. 

My favourite holiday destination

Sedona, Arizona. When I was younger I would choose Miami or Vegas to party, now I just want something quiet with good energy. I’m getting old and that’s okay. 

My gadget I can’t live without

My phone would be an easy answer, but honestly I cannot live without my Louis Vuitton credit card keychain. It’s super tiny but holds all my cards plus my keys to my car and house on it. It would be very, very bad to misplace it!

Holly Sonders
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My go to fashion brand

Balmain, hands down. Size 34 in Balmain fits me perfectly, and doesn’t even need to be tailored. The padded shoulders on the new jackets and dresses for their new spring line are everything. 

My airline of choice

I mean, I would choose to fly private! But that is not always the option. I usually fly domestic because I’m boring and stay in the US for work mostly, so Delta. I’m still waiting on that Diamond status – any day now!

My favourite watch brand

My favourite jewellery brand is Mouawad. Pascal is a dear friend of mine and all of their pieces are timeless, elegant, and stunning.  

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My favourite restaurant

Mizumi at Wynn. I have a lot of great memories there. The waterfall there and the ambiance makes me really happy. Reminds me of some amazing times with friends in Vegas and business deals my agent Darren Prince and I made while at dinner there. 

My guilty pleasure

Butter cake at Mastro’s. I’m always a sucker for desserts but that one is already ordered before the main course even arrives! 

My favourite way to give back

I love to give things that people need or find useful so I love to give all my clothes to women who are getting back into the workforce and need clothing for interviews etc. I love to see their happy faces and the confidence it gives them. 

Holly has recently entered into an agreement with Cordia Corporation to develop virtual restaurants. Yummy by Holly Sonders, launching in 2021 on all major delivery apps, will feature a menu of curated favourites using exceptional ingredients and bold flavour combinations.

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