Home And Away: Ethan Browne Wife Or Partner -Is He Married To Girlfriend Shayne Edwards? Everything To Know

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The Home and Away actor, Ethan Browne, is married to Shayne Edwards for more than 10 years now.

Ethan Browne is an actor from New Zealand. He is popularly known as “Tane Parata” in Home and Away.

He grew up in a small town called Wairoa. He is of Maori descent. He always dreamt of becoming an actor.

Likewise, he became a father at the age of 16. He had a daughter Aaylah. She is 13 years old now.

As the child happened suddenly, his focus was away from acting as he wanted to do something serious so he could take care of his daughter.

He pursued engineering but he was never happy with it, so he started doing acting again.

While living in Brisbane, he was accepted to NIDA so he moved to Sydney to start his acting venture.

Ethan Browne Wife Or Partner -Is He Married To Girlfriend Shayne Edwards?

Yes, Ethane Browne and Shayne Edwards are married.

Once Ethan said that he is married to his wife for more than 10 years and is happy about it.

But he has never mentioned his wife’s name but later found out it is Shayne.

All the female attention Ethan gets doesn’t bother his wife.

Moreover, he might be talking about the wife with whom he has a 13-year-old daughter, but nothing is confirmed.

He has also never posted any pictures of marriage or girlfriend on Instagram.

He says that they have been together for a long time.

What is Ethan Browne Age? Wikipedia

Actor Ethan Browne is 29 years old.

He was born on 14 October 1991 in New Zealand. His zodiac sign is Libra.

Likewise, he comes from a family of Musicians. It seems like the creativity also came into him but in acting.

Besides, there is no information about Ethan On Wikipedia, but there are tons of pages that provide Ethan’s information.

As he is a fresh face to TV, he is just be recognized. He could be featured on Wikipedia in the future.

What Is Ethan Browne Instagram?

Ethan Browne’s Instagram username is atlas143.

He has more than 77k followers and more than 80 posts on Instagram.

Likewise, he has posted many pictures with his daughter.

Due to the pandemic, Ethan couldn’t fly to see his daughter and was really missing her.

A video of them went viral when Ethan came back and hugged his daughter tightly in his arms.

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