Honolulu attempted murder, sex assault suspect seeking bail modification

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Honolulu (KHON2) — A man on Oahu, accused of cruelly attacking a woman in a skyscraper in Honolulu in November 2020, wants to change his bail terms.

According to a new court document, the suspect claims he took the drug.

Newly released court documents reveal that suspect Michael Hirokawa and his victims met at a bar before going to Hirokawa’s residence.

The state intends to seek long-term imprisonment for suspects accused of brutal attempted murder and sexual assault.

The document states that the victim poured two glasses of wine and Hirokawa drank one of them. According to court records, the victim did not drink wine in another glass.

’This was a vicious act of sexual violence and was our department. I will prosecute vigorously. ”

Records show that lab tests found traces of LSD and ambien in Hirokawa’s wine glasses, and he was not intentionally taking the drug.

The victim was later found bleeding heavily in the elevator. Hirokawa was charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

He was released after spending $ 500,000 on bail and his trial is scheduled for Monday, May 18.

Honolulu attempted murder, sex assault suspect seeking bail modification

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