How Can You Establish a Weed Delivery Business?

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The cannabis business is growing fast worldwide. Most countries have legalized the sale and consumption of weed for medical and recreational use. As a result, weed delivery services are on-demand, and investing in one during these early stages of growth is an excellent idea.

Weed delivery is gaining traction as businesses move online and weed users can now order their products online and have them delivered at home, you can consider Companies like Black Rabbit Weed Delivery allow their customers to get their weed via mail-order or home delivery just like fast-food delivery. However, weed delivery is a highly restricted business and can only operate in locations that federal and state laws permit.

Cannabis Delivery Options

Anyone who wants to invest in the weed delivery business must understand the delivery options that customers in their areas utilize. These include:

  • On-demand delivery. These orders work just like food orders that are delivered within the hour.
  • Schedule delivery where the customer makes an order and chooses the time they would like the delivery made. This option is usually cheaper but takes longer to deliver.
  • Subscription deals. Some customers, especially those on medicinal cannabis, prefer a subscription model to avoid inconveniences. 
  • Membership clubs that offer exclusive deals to members only.

What You Need to Know About Weed Delivery Service

  • Cannabis laws vary between states. So, you must know the laws that apply to your area of operation. 
  • Proof of identity is required for the person receiving the parcel. For states that only permit the use of medicinal cannabis, the customer must show proof of the medical card.
  • In most cases, weed delivery businesses can only deliver weed to places with residential addresses.
  • The person receiving the weed package must be an adult.

How to Set Up a Weed Delivery Business

Weed delivery business is a potential venture that promises huge benefits. Here are the steps on how you can set up your own weed delivery business:

  1. Draw a Business Plan

For a successful business, you need a business plan that will lead to sales growth. Make a business plan that will interpret the vision and mission of your weed delivery business. The business plan will guide you while implementing the strategies you have set for your weed delivery business: sales, hiring, expansion, marketing, and budgeting.

The business plan will also help you establish your operation radius and your target clients. You will know which groups to target and where your operations are based.

  1. Develop a Business Financial Model

You need to know how you will finance the business and possible future revenue streams. Having a business financial model for your weed delivery business will guide you through all aspects of expenses, sales, investments, and financing goals. You should see your financial model as a numerical expression of the goals of your weed delivery business. 

You should have an estimate of how your margins will improve over time. To achieve this, you need a solid financial model that outlines key metrics and assumptions. 

  1. Obtain Business Licenses

Running a cannabis delivery service requires you to have several licenses. In Canada, for example, you will have to acquire the licenses listed under the Cannabis Licence Act, including Retail Operator Licence (ROL) and Retail Store Authorization Applications.

Some jurisdictions also have additional requirements for weed delivery services. So, you should find out from your local provincial office about the requirements to run a weed delivery business.

  1. Understand Weed Delivery Laws and Regulations

Weed delivery might be legal in the area you want to operate your business, but it does not have the leeway that other delivery services have. In most jurisdictions, only licensed weed sellers are permitted to conduct deliveries. This means that you cannot open a third-party weed delivery service. 

The use of third parties also applies to the individual making the delivery. So, the delivery person must be a direct employee of the store. The person receiving the order must also be the person who made the purchase and they must show proof. 

  1. Identify Your Target Clients

Like all other businesses, you need to identify your target clients. These are people who use cannabis products for different reasons. Once you are equipped with this information, you can develop a product inventory based on local demand. 

Knowing the most demanded products will help you cut costs since you can make many deliveries on a single trip in a given route. This will be possible if you have a variety of products so that you can bundle all or most of your deliveries in one trip.  

  1. Develop a Marketing Strategy

Marketing cannabis has its challenges and you must have an effective marketing strategy to penetrate the market. Although search engines have banned the use of paid advertising for cannabis products, you can get a greater online presence through social media platforms. 

Even on social media, you cannot use active marketing strategies for cannabis products. However, you can use social media groups and forums that discuss marijuana, be part of the conversation and let them know about your business.

You can also use referrals for your marketing. Word of mouth is the best way to get customers. If you deliver quality weed in a professional and friendly manner, word will get around. Customers trust referrals more than anything.


There is a paradigm shift in the cannabis industry where clients prefer ordering products for delivery at their doorstep. Opening a weed delivery business can be very tempting because of the growing consumer need and the thirst for quality delivery service. 

If you want your business to succeed, have a solid plan that you will follow. Just like any other business, a good strategy for your weed delivery business will give the best results.

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