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The use of cell phones has turned the tables around in the 21st century, especially with the dynamics of communication. All the individuals in the household and businesses nowadays communicate through cell phones. 

But this massive turnaround has posed some serious implications as well. The most problematic situation that arise pertains to the parents and employers, at large.

It is observed that parents and employers finding it hard to maintain control over the activities of their target users i.e. kids and employees.

Numerous studies shown that kids are on the heck of getting an impact on their lives due to connecting with cyber criminals over the internet space.

A lot of cyber criminals are there over social networks that look to engage with kids, they look to harass and bully the kids in order to gain illegitimate benefits out of their frustration. 

Moreover, the kids are found involving in viewing inappropriate content, the kids are found involving in criminal activities, by getting into connection with cyber criminals. The most common criminal take ups of the kids are related to robbing, gambling, and other activities of the same nature. 

Beside this, there is a corporate side of the story as well. The employers are found having issues while monitoring all the activities of their employees on or off the workplace. 

Most commonly, the employers indulge in using social networks and connecting with the friends and family at the workplace which badly erodes their overall performance. The problem of cyber threats and attacks is also there which finds the way into business devices due to the negligent use of official business phones. 

So, the employers and parents have justified concerns which are needed to be addressed in an efficient manner. But the question is, how an extensive monitoring mechanism can be incorporated? The question is addressed by a number of researchers and experts. 

The answer to this question is the use of cell phone tracker app. An efficient cell phone tracker seeks to record each and every bit of communication taking place on the target cell phone.

There are plenty of cell phone tracker applications that incorporate extensive monitoring, but the best service in this aspect, as proposed by the experts is TheOneSpy.

The app has started offering its services in 2011, and continue serving its valued customers with unmatched legacy. The cell phone tracker has an android and iPhone monitoring solution which is there to serve all the hassles of the employers and parents.

All that a parent or employer needs to do is to purchase the license of the spy app, and install the app in the target device. After doing so, the end-user gets all set to spy on the target individuals. Let’s have a look at the salient features of the cell phone tracker.

Social media monitoring

The social media, as considered as the most problematic impulse in the children’s lives nowadays, so the spy app can address this pressing issue of the parents by providing a social media monitoring feature. 

The spy can remotely track all the chats. The chats can be viewed, read, and tracked remotely without any hassle. The images and videos shared over the network through these chats of social networks and messengers can also be monitored. 

The cell phone tracker can also spy on all the VoIP and video calls of the social networks. These calls can be listened to in real-time. The calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later monitoring purpose. 

Website blocking serves employers

The employers can block a number of websites and links that are frequently used by the employees at the workplace. These URLs if blocked, will not remain accessible from the target android and iPhone, thus ensuring an augmented productivity of employees. 

Surround recording

The spy 360 feature of the monitoring application bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target phone, to know what is actually happening around the target user. 

This provides vital insights into all the activities of the target users.


The cell phone tracker is vitally significant for the parents and employers. The best cell phone tracker nowadays is TheOneSpy. It can be installed on iPhone and android as well. 

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