How did SASKIA BEER die and what was her cause of death?

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How did Saskia Beer die and what was her cause of death?: Sasia Beer died on February 14, 2020, and her cause of death has yet to be reported to the public. Maggie Beer, an Australian cook, and farmer, has a daughter named Saskia Beer. She was the owner of Saskia Farm Produce, which she inherited from her mother. She was a remarkable and excellent chef who died suddenly and unexpectedly. Her death was announced on Instagram by her relatives. The family has received an outpouring of condolences in the wake of her passing. We must inform you all, with heavy hearts, that Saskia, our lovely, exceptional daughter, sister, wife, and mother, passed quietly in her sleep on Friday night. Maggie shared a photo on Instagram. 

How did Saskia Beer die?

Saskia Beer died peacefully in her sleep in her Barossa Valley home. Her family members discovered her resting comfortably in her home. They had no idea that Saskia had already died. Saskia lived a happy and healthy life, participating in a variety of culinary and farm product events. She was photographed celebrating her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary just weeks before her death. Saskia looked up to her mother as a food legend and wanted to make a reputation for herself in the industry. She was a qualified chef who started her Farm Produce and catering business in the Barossa Valley at the age of 46.

Saskia Beer Death Cause

The actual cause of death of Saskia Beer was not revealed to the public. Maggie returned to the media after six days of her daughter’s demise and expressed her gratitude towards the love and sympathy shown by everyone. On the news, her entire family, including her parents Maggie and Colin, spoke to the audience, but no details about her medical or health issues were revealed. A parent’s grief at the death of a child never fades. Maggie cried during her interview with Australian magazine New Idea, and I now know why. Maggie established a fellowship in her late daughter’s memory after she was devastated by her daughter’s sudden death. The Saskia Beer Churchill Fellowship provides newcomers with possibilities in the agricultural and culinary industries, carrying on Saskia’s legacy.

Saskia Beer’s Husband and Parents

Saskia Beer was married to Petar Jercic on 21 April, 2019. They shared their home with Max, Rory, and Lily with three children. Her husband also shared his grief on Instagram and said, Our beautiful extraordinary daughter, sister, wife, and mother died unexpectedly yet peacefully in her sleep on Friday night. The business Saskia grew and loved will continue with me, her loving husband.

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