How does a Smart Package Locker prevent package theft?

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Smart package lockers today represent the best answer to manage the needs of companies and individuals in the field of correspondence and parcel reception, even when volumes are essential. In particular, talking about parcel reception management also means addressing issues related to productivity and safety.

From the point of view of competence, we have to think about how every company should better manage time and free the reception staff from all activities related to the receipt and distribution of parcels. Therefore, it is a way to make the company more efficient since, with smart lockers, it is the employee himself who takes care of his mail. The same happens in condominiums, with tenants who no longer depend on the concierge for receiving packages and registered letters.

Not only that: implementing a smart package locker system also means taking care of the many parcels and packages that arrive every day in the condominium or company with greater security, allowing employees and tenants to be sure of receiving the long-awaited package. It also prevents any package theft.

Security, especially regarding the protection of physical assets in history, as locks have always been associated, is the opposite of practicality. Being more secure in guaranteeing access to an area, a good, a message, involved adding labyrinths, secret codes, abstruse methods of encryption to ensure a privileged right of access.

The fourth industrial revolution has led to the divorce between these two qualities of a protection system: the complexity of safety must never complicate the practicality of utilization. You can have very advanced security with the possibility of opening the doors only at certain times. Furthermore, it opens only with some keys, for certain people or groups, for some time or a variable reason, without having to give up practicality, so that the smart lock is never a barrier to the use of the property or place to confine.

The mutual benefit of building managers and consumers

Building managers will benefit from the use of package lockers, whether in business or residential locations. The return on investment is high, and the profit is excellent. It is also more effective, safer, and more cost-effective than having an assistant in the post office to ensure that the recipient delivers the package. In addition, the recipient (employee, resident, or customer) will significantly benefit from increased security and convenience.

By adding a package locker to your facility, you will be able to pick up your package as soon as the recipient arrives, regardless of the post office opening hours. Moreover, parcel lockers are also considerably cheaper than paying staff to work in the post office during non-business hours.

  • Increase employee satisfaction

If the recipient includes an employee, such as in a company or business setting, the satisfaction and convenience of receiving the package can be obtained as long as the schedule allows. You don’t have to skip a call or interrupt a meeting to get to the mailbox before it closes.

The leading e-commerce and couriers allow us to leave the contact details of a neighbor in case the recipient of the package is not at home at the time of delivery. Which is one big reason for package theft.

It is also a valuable solution for having the shopping purchased online delivered: in the case of refrigerated cabinets, the quality of the fresh products remains unchanged, and we can collect the shopping comfortably – and without haste – when we return home.

To be familiar with when a package has been put down in the Package Locker, a notification is sent to the mobile and: in this way, only the person concerned will know that something has been stored in their bay (the locker compartment).

The steady increase in distribution resulting from the e-commerce boom has made distribution management overwhelming for businesses worldwide. Further, smart Indoor Parcel Lockers provide a state-of-the-art delivery experience that guarantees safety, convenience, and punctuality. Easy-to-use cloud-based software allows you to track packages and notify recipients of real-time deliveries.

  • Fully automated and operator-independent

The package locker solution facilitates a seamless and convenient parcel delivery and returns process, from click-and-collect for retailers to university campuses and apartments. In large or medium volume delivery and returns, adding an intelligent package locker simplifies baggage management, frees up time and space, and facilitates a more efficient delivery, collection, and return process. In addition, prevent package theft.

  • No contact

The package locker supports the pickup and drop-off of non-contact packages. It takes only a few minutes to unpack and pick up your package from the locker, eliminating long queues and unpleasant waiting times for customers. This ensures business continuity while maintaining the safety of employees and customers.

  • Reduce costs

Delivery is done directly by the forwarder to the parcel locker, eliminating staff intervention and reducing time and operating costs.

In addition, package locker attendants report that they are more and more satisfied with their work. The responsibility of tracking packages remove from them, which inevitably leads to occasional delays and misplacements of the packages they are responsible for. Perhaps most importantly, mailroom employees are free to handle other tasks that require attention.

 In most cases, these additional obligations are not the same as the tedious task of processing packages, but they do improve workplace satisfaction. 

  • Smart package Locker Saves You Money.

With the introduction of the smart locker system, staff will appreciate the efficiency gains, recipients will enjoy the convenient and non-contact experience, and everyone involved can rest assured that the process is safe from start to finish. Lost or misplaced email and asset reductions, combined with streamlined service extensions provided by smart lockers, can save your organization’s costs over time.
Conclusion: Using a parcel locker means that the locker is configured to notify the business and recipients that the parcel has been delivered as needed. Alternatively, the Attendant should generate a notification that the package has been delivered and is waiting to be picked up from the locker room.

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