How Rich Is Dimitri Vorbe? Details To Know About The Haitian Entrepreneur

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Haitian entrepreneur Dimitri Vorbe, whose net worth exceeds $10 million, was exiled from his homeland due to several accusations and warrants. 

Dimitri Vorbe is a Haitian entrepreneur best recognized as the executive producer and vice-president of SOGENER, a Haiti-based company.

Well, not just that, but Dimitri is also the president of a manufacturing company named Velas Hispaniola, which is based in the Dominican Republic.

Also, Dimitri is searched for the fact that he was exiled from Haiti, his own country.

After being accused of technically stealing millions of dollars from the government in the name of generating electricity, he fled to the United States.

Hence, the netizens and the general public are eager to find out more about the life of the millionaire entrepreneur.

Dimitri Vorbe Net Worth

Dimitri Vorbe certainly has a net worth of over $10 million.

He is a renowned business personality and entrepreneur. Also, he is known for taking tens of millions of dollars from the Haitian government; thus, his net worth does seem to be over 10 million.

Dimitri Vorbe Wife And Family

Dimitri Vorbe is married to his longtime wife and partner, Gael B Borbe.

However, her real name and more facts, except for her pictures, have not been revealed yet.

Dimitri says that his wife is his best friend and the most important person to him via his Instagram posts.

Also, he has given birth to three children in his family: two sons and a daughter.

Dimitri Vorbe Age And Origin

Dimitri Vorbe’s age is around 50 to 55 years old.

However, his exact age or date of birth is not revealed yet.

Based on his appearance and the events in his past, we assumed his age to be in the given range.

Regarding Vorbe’s origin, there are no specific details. But, he was born and raised in Haiti.

Dimitri Vorbe Father And Mother

Dimitri Vorbe’s father and mother, i.e., his parents, possibly still live in Haiti.

Dimitri has not shared anything specific about his parents, including their names, jobs, or others.

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