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Dominic Mckenzie Cummings is a British political strategist to the Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson who was appointed by a Chief Advisor. Let us further dive in to know more details about the political strategist and his net worth. Know more from

NameDominic Mckenzie Cummings
Born25th November 1971
Birth signScorpio
Professionpolitician, head consultant of prime minister 
Eye ColorGren
FatherRobert Cummings 
MotherMorgan Cummings 
SpouseMary Wakefield 
Hair color bald
Net Worth€95,000 to €99,000

Who is Dominic Cummings?

Dominic Mckenzie Cummings was born on the 25th of November 1971. He is a political strategist of Britain. He performed as a head consultant to Prime Minister of Britain -Boris Johnson from 2019 till 2020.

The senior aide created waves this week when it emerged that he had travelled from Durham to London with his family during the lockdown when his wife had coronavirus symptoms.

Early life

Know about him in more details

Cummings was born in the region of Durham on the 25th of November 1971. His dad-Robert had a mixed job, mainly as a lubricant equipment undertaking executive for the company Laing, the building firm. His mama-Morag is an institute graduate and was an educator and behavioral consultant. His uncle Sir John Laws is a retired Justice of appeal.


What made him famous?

He started taking a keen interest in politics and administration in 2003. He was a prominent unit member of the campaign which was launched against the UK joining Euro. Later on, he evolves to be a strategy director of the prudent leader Duncan Smith.  All these small undertakings shaped his political view and made him a prominent figure for strategizing political campaigns and rallies. He joined the party with a vision of modernizing the party and bringing new schemes and agendas. In the ear 2019, he was elected as a head advisor of the prime minister of Britain. He became a prominent figure in Britain’s political system after he was elected as a chief consultant of the prime minister. 

He along with his team had been handling the pandemic spread and measures to curb the spread among the people.

But how rich is the ministerial aide? Here’s what you need to know:


As the chief special adviser to the prime minister, Cummings is paid between £95,000 and £99,999, according to details published in the Government’s annual report on special advisers.


Cummings lives in a £1.6 million townhouse in leafy Islington. Cummings got an extension designed by high-end architects Hamish & Lyons that features a “tapestry room”, along with a “formal living room” and reading room.

Cummings is married to Mary Wakefield, daughter of Sir Edward Humphry Tyrrel Wakefield, a baronet who owns Chillingham Castle in Northumberland.

His parents own a sprawling estate in Durham.


He studied under eminent Oxford University historian Norman Stone and graduated with a ‘first’ – the top degree class awarded at British universities. He likes to pepper his eclectic writings with cultural references.

According to Topdreamz, Dominic Cummings has an estimated net worth of $4 million. His primary source of income is from his work as a political consultant.

According to Day2News, Dominic Cummings is UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s closest political adviser.


Who is he married to?

Dominic Cummings was married to his best companion’s sister Mary Wakefield. 


On 27th March, Cummings had received a phone call from his wife saying she was sick. Although there were no major symptoms, she had caught the virus. They could not look after their 4-year-old child because of which they drove to their parents and this trip became a controversy as there were strict transportation rules. On 28th March, even he had caught on the virus. This was three days after Boris Johnson was tested positive. A controversy broke out when their trip to London was mentioned. After that, there had been several investigations and allegations by various newspapers and media. The investigation was made to find out any breach of law was made or not. On 25th May, Cummings held a conference saying he was fair and there were no regulations to state the situation he was in.


The Tories’ election victory may have been fronted by the indefatigable Boris Johnson, but underlying it was the vindication of a strategy conceived by his chief advisor: Dominic Cummings. 

He may have gained notoriety as campaign director of Vote Leave in the EU referendum, but it was his role in masterminding the 2004 “North East Says No” campaign against a regional assembly where he honed his skills. 

Devolving power to the regions was the pet project of the then deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott. Cummings hammered home that politicians had failed the north east, and that setting up an institution to install more of them would be a waste of money. The “Politicians talk, we pay” message resulted in a 78 per cent vote to reject an assembly. It was the first example of an anti-establishment campaign in the UK in recent times. 

Following the election, Cummings has lambasted the political establishment for failing to consider the reasons behind the 2016 vote to leave the EU, incredulous that they “doubled down” and sought to frustrate the result. The size of the Conservative victory endorses his view.

Cummings holds politicians in contempt, arguing that the majority of them are intellectually ill-equipped to govern and more interested in the trappings of office than in achieving change. While he attended an independent school and read history at Oxford, he is no slick insider who walks the corridors of power as a step on the conveyor belt to ministerial office. 


  • He served as a campaign director at Business for Sterling, the campaign against the UK joining the Euro.
  • He is well known for being a special advisor to education secretary Michael Gove, from 2010 to 2014, from 2019 to 2020, being a chief advisor to prime minister Boris Johnson.
  • Cummings was portrayed in the 2019 Channel 4 drama Brexit: The Uncivil War by Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • He is registered as a director of the non-trading company Klute Ltd and also owns another company named North Wood, a company that helps to solve problems related to management, politics, and communications.
  • He had worked for the New Schools Network charity that advises free schools. As he believes in charity, he served as a volunteer from June 2009 and as a paid freelancer from July to December 2010.

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