How Times Have Changed: 9 Dating Rules For Guys 2022

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Dating rules for guys. Let’s face it, dating is really hard. 99% of us have been hurt in the past and it’s often difficult to make our minds accept future chances of success when they are stacked against us. However, you should not be discouraged by rejection, as your single status can actually improve your life.

Dating is simply a system of rules for us to follow as we pursue our ultimate desire, which is to find the one person with whom we want to spend the rest of our life.

The Dating Rules for Guys in Today’s World

The rules of dating have drastically changed in recent years. With the advancement of technologies, new methods of communication, and a near consistent change in modern modes of dialogue, nearly no aspect of life including courtship is unaffected. For that reason, those that haven’t been dating for very long or who are re-entering this world after a long hiatus should know and understand how the rules of dating have changed. Specifically, modern men need to understand the modern dating rules of for guys as a way to ensure that they remain relevant without being rude.

The following is a list of a few of the rules that you can use in today’s world and tidbits of information that will help you to handle modern courtship.

1. You Will Be Looked At:

Men, you are in a unique position when it comes to dating. When you checkout a woman with your eyes, eyeing her up and down, it can come off as sexually threatening or repulsive. But, women will check you out with no problem. In today’s modern world, women are doing the looking and that is okay. According to sex therapists, women are no longer hiding their intentions and they are demonstrating that they are interested in men by sizing them up while they are out and about, essentially analyzing them before they make a move or encourage a move to be made. Unfortunately, one of the dating rules for guys involves hiding their glances a bit more discreetly and understanding that women will be checking them out.

2. Mobility Is Your Friend:

Online dating is an increasing means of connecting with a partner, even if it is around the world. What once was tied to a computer or stationary device is now mobile. Literally anywhere that there is a mobile device, dating is happening or could be happening. You need to understand this in today’s modern world. From dating applications to mobile applications, if you sign up for one of these sites, understand that you will be connected literally 24/7 and should be prepared for the potential distraction.

3. Last Minute Is Normal:

Much the same way that mobility and technology are making dating constant activities, they are also changing the timeline in which things happen. One of the dating rules for guys is to be ready at a moment’s notice if you receive that special text or message on your phone or. Throw some cologne on, grab a shower, and get going when you get the message from that special woman. No this does not mean being flakey on other plans but means that if you are interested in a particular woman, you may get the last minute invite to hangout. This is not meant to be rude but is simply the result of an age of instant gratification.

4. Talking Dirty Isn’t a One Way Street:

Women in today’s world are not exactly wallflowers when it comes to their sexuality. What once was considered taboo, women are saying that they are strong, powerful, and can express themselves just as anyone else can. So, when it comes to the bedroom, one of the dating rules for guys is to allow her to express herself in whatever way she wants and expect the unexpected. No, this does not mean sacrificing your own personal morals and beliefs. It means, though, that a woman may very well express herself in ways that you may not have expected, including in talking dirty. So, lean back and enjoy the fact that you are no longer expected to do all of the work. It could be very fun!

5. Dating Multiple Partners Is Okay:

If you are not in a committed relationship or you are exploring potential options in a mate, it is completely fine! In today’s modern dating scene, many individuals are exploring their options by dating more than one person at a time. But, one of the dating rules for guys and women that are pursuing multiple people is to be honest. If you are covert or secret, a partner or potential partner may feel betrayed and not want to explore the dating scene with you anymore. Further, another rule is to be able to cut those relationships off as soon as an individual finds someone that they are truly interested in.

6. Be a good listener.

Women love to talk — they love talking about themselves and they love talking about other people. You can learn a lot by listening to what she has to say, especially if you are attentive and genuinely interested in what she has to say. Ask her about her passions, her dreams and her goals for the future. Pay attention! This will make you stand out from every other guy she has ever met because most men don’t care enough to ask follow-up questions or listen intently.

7. Never admit your feelings first

This is an old-fashioned rule, but men shouldn’t reveal too much too soon. Men should wait for women to show interest before revealing their feelings. This way, if the woman doesn’t reciprocate the feeling, the man won’t get hurt as badly.

8. Don’t lie

If you want to be successful in dating, then you should avoid lying at all costs. If you lie when you first meet someone, they will think that you can’t be trusted if they were to begin dating you later on down the road.

9. Communicate with full honesty

Honesty is a very important rule that should not be broken under any circumstances when it comes to successful online dating. It is important that the person you are talking with knows the full truth about who you are and what your intentions are regarding them.

The Importance of the Dating Rules for Guys

Technology is changing the way that individuals interact. From our basic communication to the more advanced relationship building opportunities, modern methods are much different than those in the past. It is important that men and women understand that the dating rules for guys and for girls have changed drastically in the last few years. The above are just some of the evolutions that have occurred, but you are likely to find more. Be prepared that women are making grounds in assertiveness and that they are expressing themselves more and more in all aspects of life.

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