How to Activate Paramount Plus On PS4

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Learn how to sign up, download, install and start streaming Paramount Plus using your PlayStation 4. You can activate Paramount Plus on PS4, it’s one of the compatible devices you can connect to.

Note that you cannot install Paramount Plus on your PlayStation 5 consoles. Therefore, to get the most out of your PlayStation4 while using Paramount Plus, this article will be showing steps on how to activate Paramount Plus on PS4.

You can do so many things on PlayStation like streaming movies, shows, etc., and not just only playing games. Though PS4 has a lot of popular streaming apps, Paramount Plus has just been added.

You can stream all best of entertainment altogether with Paramount Plus on PlayStation4. You can access movies, different series, standup shows, reality shows, and kiddies’ shows.

Paramount plus has a wider range of latest originals, exclusive TV shows, and hit movies to stream. Paramount + is quite selective with its connections, it’s only recognized on these platforms; Firestick, Playstation (but it’s not compatible with PS5), Xbox, Sony, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Vizio TV, LG TV, Xfinity Flex, and Portal TV

Every month Paramount Plus updates the latest content while the episodes and shows are always added. You can find movies ranging from classic to the latest selection on Paramount+.

How to Install/Activate Paramount Plus

You need a TV provider to watch Paramount Plus. You will not need to join up with Paramount if you already have an online account with your TV provider. 

After signing up with a participating TV provider, you must activate Paramount Plus on your PS4. Follow the step below to activate paramount plus:

  • Open the App Store on your home screen after switching on your Apple TV.
  • Go to the Search option.
  • Search for Paramount+.
  • Select the Paramount Plus app.
  • Tap on getting to download the Paramount+ app on your Apple TV.
  • After the installation, click on the Open button to launch the Paramount+.

How to Download Paramount Plus On PlayStation

Follow the installation procedure carefully to get Paramount Plus on PlayStation:

  • Ensure your PS4 gaming console is switched on, then connect it to the internet.
  • Go to PlayStation Store and tap on the Search option.
  • Search for Paramount Plus then, tap on it to go to the overview page.
  • Click on Download to start downloading Paramount Plus on your PS4.
  • Once the installation has been completed, go to Library and click on Apps.
  • Select Paramount Plus and log in to your account to stream.

Activate Paramount Plus On PS4 

To activate Paramount Plus on PS4, you will need to follow the steps below carefully:

  • After downloading the Paramount Plus app.
  • Open Paramount+ app and tap Sign Up. An access code will be displayed on your TV screen.
  • Go to on your computer or phone web browser.
  • Fill in the on-screen access code, then click on “Activate”.
  • Select a subscription plan, whether Element or Premium, then click “Continue”.
  • Set up a Paramount+ account, or sign in if you have an existing account, then click “Continue” again.
  • Fill in your sign-up details, and select “Start Paramount+”.

Your PS4 screen will spontaneously refresh, and you can start streaming Paramount Plus.

Another Method to Activate Paramount Plus On PS4

Screen mirroring is another way you can also access to activate Paramount plus on PS4. Once you have downloaded the Paramount plus app on your Android phone, it’s easy to screen mirror its content to the gaming console (PS4). Follow these steps below:

  • Install Screen Mirroring Pro App on your Android device first.
  • Launch a web browser on your PS4 and go to
  • Set up the Screen Mirroring app you installed and click on the Mirror Screen app.
  • Click on the SCAN option to enable the necessary approval.
  •  A QR code will be displayed, scan it on the PS4 connected to the TV screen.
  • Then, your Android device screen will mirror the TV.
  • Set up the Paramount+ app on your Android device and play whichever media you desire.
  • The exact content will mirror your TV.

Activating Paramount Plus is quite straightforward if you have followed the steps above carefully without missing out on any step. Was this article helpful? Let us know in the comment section below. For more information about Paramount plus subscription plans, check out this article.

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