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How many steps do you need for TLC activate on Firestick or your favourite online media players such as Roku, Apple TV, Samsung, Kodi, Fire TV, and others on activate site?

Just a step after you’ve got the activation code on your device you will be able to continue to the activate website to activate your smart TV.

Therefore, here in this guide, I will walk you through how to TLC activation process on smart devices. However, for FTiOS fans, consider this guide to download and install FTiOS on iPhone/iPad.

What is TLC

Discovery owns TLC TV channel to share educational and learning contents to all subscribers. TLC offers live events, streaming services and free TV subscription to use TLC app on your smart TV.

TLC activate is similar to Crackle activation on your smart TVs such as Apple TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and other supported smart streaming devices such as Android TV.

TLC offers a unique URL to activate TLC with TLC activation code on a standalone website at

Therefore, in this article, you will learn about the TLC Go activate on all smart devices including your computer to bring TLC to a device with large screen other than depending only on TLC Go mobile app for Android and iPhone/iPad.

What is Activate?

There is a general approach to activate TLC go on all smart TVs. However, due to the manufacturer and configurations, the procedures to access each device might be different.

  • To activate TLC on your smart TVs such as Roku or Firestick you need to download and install TLC app.
  • Open the  TLC app and view the TLC activation code for the device.
  • Then, open a browser on your phone or PC and go to
  • Enter the activation code.
  • Now, click on the “Activate” button and wait until a success message appears on your device that you have successfully activated on your device.

This is simply the TLC activate you need to bank on to activate app on your smart TV.

Activate TLC on Roku

It’s easy to activate TLC on Roku and stream the educational and learning pau per view on your streaming device.

  • Install TLC on your Roku streaming device. See this guide for more info to install apps on Roku.
  • Open the TLC app and view the activation code.
  • Go to on your browser.
  • Enter the activation code on your TV screen.
  • Click “Activate.”

A success message will appear on your TV screen and you can now enjoy free TV subscription with your TLC subscription.

How to Activate TLC on Firestick

You need to know how to download and install apps on Firestick either with the help of the streaming device search option or upload APK or mod apps directly on the device.

  • Install TLC app on your Firestick media player. You can use this article as your guide.
  • Open the app on your Firestick and follow the instruction to view the TLC activation code.
  • Next, open a browser and go to
  • Enter the TLC activation on your Firestick.
  • Tap on the “Activate” button and follow the instruction on the screen.

TLC app will be added to your Firestick apps channel. Hence, anytime you want to watch TLC Go on your Firestick, navigate to your app channel, open the TLC app, and follow the instruction on the scream. Note, there won’t be a need to enter TLC activation code and go to every time.

How to Activate TLC Go on Apple TV

With the Apple TV 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation [read about Apple TV history] you can download, install and use TLC on your device. The only limitation for the 1st generation is that you might need to use a third-party streaming device such as a TV box. But, for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and latest Apple TV generation it’s simple and directly to activate TLC.

  • Go to the Apple store on your TV and download TLC GO iOS app. If you are short of the idea to download and install apps on your Apple TV follow this Apple guide.
  • Open the TLC iOS app and take note of the activation code.
  • Visit on your web browser.
  • Type the activation from TLC app on your Apple TV.
  • Click on the “Activate” button and follow the instruction on the screen to finalize the activation and start to watch TLC GO on your Apple TV.

This is how to activate your TV and use TLC GO on your choice of smart TV with a free subscription.

TLC Activate on Xbox One

  • Download and install the TLC app from Microsoft store.
  • Open the app and view the activation code.
  • Go to TLC activate portal on on your browser.
  • Enter the TLC activation code on your TV screen.
  • Tap “Activate.”
  • Done.

TLC Activate on Roku

For Roku users, follow the procedures below.

  • Follow this guide to install the TLC app on your Roku.
  • Open the TLC app and view the activation code.
  • Open a browser on your phone or PC (computer/laptop) and go to
  • Type the TLC activation code.
  • Click “Activate.”

Henceforth you will have access to your TLC account on your smart TV and you will be able to stream contents.

TLC Activate Activation Resources

The following resources are needed to activate TLC.

  • TLC app for your device. You can download your Smart TV OS app from the app store.
  • TLC activation site: or
  • Smartphone or computer/laptop to activate TLC online.

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