How to browse instagram without an account (2 Methods)

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Are you looking to browse Instagram without an account registration for stalking, viewing pictures, images or videos of someone? You are not the one with this question; a lot of people want to do this daily, and is it possible?

Of course, yes! But the thing required is to know the exact username of the person you want to look at his/her account. Like many apps available both on mobile phones and the web, Instagram is available on the PC web as well. This will take you to the login page of Instagram, and if you don’t have an Instagram account, type the user name of the person that you’re willing to look at. Here, you’ll be directed to view photos and videos that you want to see.

Recently Instagram changed its policies and made everyone first signup and then log in to visit someone’s profile. But here I’m going to share with you the tricks to view profiles on Instagram without registration.

Now, let’s get back to Instagram to know how to view Instagram’s public profile photos or videos without an account?

Methods to browse Instagram without an Account

There are three methods for doing so …

Method 01: Via

Complexity: easy, Safety: safe is a Instagram Web Viewer that offers services to browse accounts and hashtags without a registratopm, and it’s one of the best and most convenient methods for you to view the profile, photos, or videos of someone. This website works on the principle of using the Instagram API to show you the desired results. However, it’s not a certified product of Instagram. As you know, Instagram closed its public service last year in 2018, and it’s not possible to view someone’s profile or photo without an account. However, it’s possible to browse Instagram without an account using this service.

At, there is no need for an application;  this website is enough for you to visit instagram without registration. Simply go to the website via this link:, type the Instagram handle that you want to browse, and it’ll show you the matching account. Click on the matching account, and it’ll show you a full profile.

For instance, I typed “mahirahkhan” to see Mahira Khan’s photos. She is a popular Pakistani actress, and showed me two matching accounts. Now, I know the first one is her Instagram account.

After getting the exactly matched account, I clicked on her account and showed me her full profile with photos and videos, and in this way, it’s possible for me to browse her videos, pictures, and stories.

This way, you can check an your ex, colleague, or see what friends and enemies are up for.

Method 02: Remove Instagram Login Popup Extension

Complexity: average, Safety: dangerous

For Google Chrome users, the second and somewhat more convenient method than others to browse Instagram without an account is to install a Chrome extension in your Google chrome.

This Chrome extension removes the login pop up on Instagram when scrolling through a profile without being logged in.

To use this extension, go to the chrome extensions, download it, and unzip the file and install and activate the developer mode. By clicking the load unpacked and selecting the folder to be extracted or cloned, you’ll be able to scroll down through Instagram profiles without any hindrance from the prompt to log in or pop-up.

Keep in mind, browser extensions could look into the pages you browse and even steal your personal data. The Internet is full of reports about that.

Here’s what you cannot do:

  • Like a post (Image, Photo, Video)
  • Comment on a post
  • Like a comment
  • View stories
  • View story highlights
  • Follow an Instagram account
  • View a private account
  • Use the mobile app

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