How to Clean My Shoes? Your Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Guide

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Did you know that in addition to looking dirty, dirty shoes can also make you sick with things like E. Coli? Keeping your shoes fresh takes on a whole new meaning when you learn about the bacteria and fungi your shoes could track into your home and lead to illness.

A big part of keeping your shoes clean is learning how to clean my shoes. While the process might differ depending on if you’re wanting to clean my suede shoes versus leather or canvas shoes, the overall principle remains the same. There are also great shoe cleaning solutions that help to make the shoe cleaning process more simple for every type and material of shoe you can think of.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the best way to clean shoes. Continue reading to learn more.

Cleaning Supplies for Learning How to Clean My Shoes

There are certain supplies that you’ll need in order to learn how to clean my white shoes so that they’re looking fresh at all times. You’ll need a towel and a brush as well as a shoe cleaning solution to help remove dirt and scuffs. A toothbrush is also handy since it helps to get to hard-to-reach places on your shoes.

As crazy as it might sound, you’ll also want to have some whitening toothpaste on hand. This is especially true if you’re wanting to clean some white shoes or learning how to clean my Nike shoes. From there, it is a matter of steps before your shoes are looking back to new.

1. Set Up Cleaning Area

Once you have everything you need you’ll want to start by getting the cleaning area set up. Set up everything so that it is in easy reaching distance. Once everything is set up, you’ll want to start by removing the laces from your shoes.

2. Remove All Dirt

The next step you’ll want to take is to begin removing all of the dirt from your Nike dunk high shoes. A great way to do this is by knocking the soles of the shoes together. That will remove any large chunks of dirt attached to the bottom of the soles.

Then you’ll want to use a brush or a damp towel on the exterior of your shoe. This is an effective way to get any of that extra dirt that knocking the soles together misses. Your shoes should already start to look much cleaner by this point in the shoe cleaning process.

3. Clean Troublesome Spots

There are sure to be certain areas of your shoes that are dirtier than others, and this is where cleaning troublesome spots come in handy. Use a damp towel and clean any areas that have excess marks or dirt on them to get them up to optimal cleanliness.

Doing this step is a sure way to have your kicks back on the road to cleanliness in no time.

4. Deep Clean Your Shoes

This step is especially important if the shoes you want to clean are white since deep cleaning will help to get rid of any tough stains or marks on your shoes that take away from their appearance. Using a shoe cleaning solution is a wise move when you decide to deep clean your shoes.

Start by pouring some cleaning solution into the dirty spots of your shoes. Then use your brush to scrub the solution into your shoes using a back and forth scrubbing motion. You’ll want to work up a nice lather for the best results.

5. Rinse and Repeat

Use the towel that you have on hand to wipe away any extra cleaning solution or bubbles on your sneakers. Once the solution is wiped way you’ll have a chance to evaluate how clean your shoes are now. If you feel like your shoe’s exterior needs another round of cleaning to get it where you want then you’ll repeat the previous step for the cleanest results possible.
Don’t be afraid to put your toothbrush to good use by scrubbing those areas that are difficult to access on your shoe since this is the best way to make sure your shoes are spotless. If your shoe is made of canvas then whitening toothpaste is a valuable tool you have at your disposal.

6. Clean the Midsoles

Next, you’ll want to start cleaning the midsoles of your shoes. To do this, use the same process that you used to clean the upper portion of the shoe. To get a really deep clean you should use a sponge and pour a bit of cleaning solution into it. Start to gently rub the solution into the dirty areas of the shoe for the best results.

7. Clean Your Laces

It is important that you don’t forget about cleaning your laces. It is up to you which route you take for making sure your laces are clean. A washing machine is an effective way to get them back to looking brand new. If you don’t have a washing machine then using your toothbrush is another great way to go.

The best route is to purchase new laces. This is cheap and it saves you time and effort that you’d spend getting your shoelaces clean.

8. Let Your Shoes Dry Overnight

Now you’re onto the easy part. Once you’ve completed the previous seven steps, you’ll want to let your shoes sit overnight to dry. When you return to them in the morning they should look almost brand new thanks to the cleaning solution and the cleaning process you used to remove the dirt and scuffs.

9. Use a Weatherproofing Solution

Now that your shoes are dry and clean, you’ll want to add a weatherproofing solution to their exterior. This product is designed to protect your shoes against the elements so that they’ll stay fresh and look new for longer periods of time and when you need them most. 

Now You’re Ready for Fresh Shoes

Learning how to clean my shoes is one of the first steps to having a clean and fresh wardrobe. The cleaning process differs depending on the material that your dirty shoes are made of, but there is a great way to clean every type of shoe, from suede to canvas. The most important part is making sure that you have all the right tools for the job.

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