Indian defence jobs – An attractive Career for Youth

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Today’s youth is considered as an intellectual gentry. The Indian teenager is rarely naive or ingenious, being analytically conscious, mentally mobile, clinically precise and surgically sharp. They go through inquisitive and detailed analysis of their choices as well as have in-depth knowledge of their research. Although material comforts are important to a young man’s agenda, there are also other intangibles that elicit a surge of determination and ignite a desire to succeed. Specifically, for the grace that ‘uniform’ exudes, there are various aspects attributed to it that add on that sense of honor in an individual. The Indian defence forces are a superior uniformed class. Budding youth of India has extreme zealousness to enter these elite forces and serve their homeland. 

The Indian defence forces are diverged into three noble uniformed forces i.e. The Indian Air force, Indian Army and Indian Naval force. Myriad exams are conducted to recruit capable and efficient personnel to these three forces. Interested candidates go through hard core preparation to qualify the defence exams. Youngsters who wish to join the Indian defence forces right after their higher secondary school, they can choose to appear for the NDA exam. Those who need proper guidance while preparing for the exam, they can connect with a reputed NDA coaching centre in Chandigarh. 

Ever wondered why youngsters have this blazing craze to join the Indian defence forces? Why do they work so hard to enter these elite forces? What attracts them the most? Well, there are some mind boggling benefits that an individual enjoys after entering these forces. So, these benefits are listed hereunder:

  1. Unmatched reputation

The whole nation bows with respect for the services rendered by the Indian defence forces. So, when you introduce yourself as an defence official to other people, they’ll treat you with distinguished respect and honor. People will always consider you as their national hero and this way you will earn fans in no time. Wherever you will go, you’ll be offered extreme respect for safeguarding the peace of the nation. 

  1. Job security

If you are a defence personnel, then job security is something that you will never have to ponder about. The Indian defence forces are controlled and managed by the Ministry of Defence and its supreme control vests in the hand of the president. Thus, defence jobs are government jobs. Joining the defence forces will provide you a fat salary along with attractive and luxurious perks. On the hand hand, private sectors lack in giving job security to their employees. Recently, the turbulence caused by the coronavirus pandemic made many private companies chopp off their  employees. This reason can persuade you to go for a government job over a private one. 

  1. Benefits relished after retirement 

Apart from the handsome salary and perks, a defence official receives pension for the rest of his life. The Indian defence forces are counted among organizations that provide the benefit  of pension in our nation. A retired defence personnel is entitled to receive pension around 50% of the total salary he retired on. For example, if your total salary at the time of retirement is Rs 40,000 then post retirement you’ll receive pension around 18,000 to 20,000. Additionally, the training, education and experience gained during service can lead to a lucrative job opportunity after retirement. 

If you wish to earn respect and honor as a defence personnel, then you can prefer to join the Indian defence forces by qualifying the CDS exam. While preparing for the exam, you can choose to link with the most esteemable CDS coaching institute in Chandigarh for splendid guidance.  

  1. Facilities provided to the family

Officers in the defence forces are entitled to benefits such as free education for their children, free medical care for their dependents, a canteen, excellent housing, loan facilities and once a year, free air tickets for you and your entire family anywhere in India. Membership to a variety of gyms, clubs and golf courses are so inexpensive that they are practically free. 

  1. Physical fitness

In the defence forces, one can ensure a healthy lifestyle, which is an important part of our lives. Daily routine of a defence personnel includes tough exercise and a healthy diet. It is true to say that no army man is fat. So, after joining the defence forces there is no chance that you’ll get out of shape. 

  1. Personal and professional development 

The army offers a plethora of ways to develop your personality. If you wish to study while working, there are options for higher education that will help you after retirement. In the defence forces, there are a variety of training programmes that are beneficial to both personal and professional development. 

  1. Adventure and variety

The defence forces can easily fulfil all of the professional standards of young people who yearn to pursue an exciting and challenging career. Services in the defence forces is a sum total of complete commitment, prestige, sacrifice and honour. 

All the three forces of the Indian defence offer post-retirement benefits to their employees. This benefit encourages numerous youngsters to enter the defence forces. Out of three defence forces, some prefer to join the Indian Air forces. All they need to do is prepare for the AFCAT exam. While preparing for the exam, if anyone seeks sterling assistance, they can join a top-notch institute that offers excellent AFCAT coaching classes in Chandigarh


Besides the attractions listed above, there are a variety of other facilities and factors that can be used to inspire oneself. Probably, the above reasons are sufficient to entice young people to pursue a demanding career in the defence forces and to represent their country.  

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