Is Business Services a Good Career Path?

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Gourav Das
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A good career path in the UK for those looking to get into business services can be found by examining several factors. For many people, getting a degree in one of these fields is the key to finding a successful career. The more education you receive, the more likely you are to find a good-paying job in an entry-level position. If you already have a degree or a certificate, some employers may require additional training before offering you a job. Regardless of the level of education you obtain, though, it will be to your benefit to explore all of the options in this field.

Education is a very important factor in this field because you can’t be an accountant if you don’t have a college degree. Depending on what sort of professional you are looking to be, you may need other certifications as well. Check into the various certificates that are offered in the United Kingdom and in the U.S. to see what is out there. For example, some employers may prefer to see candidates who have taken basic English courses. Some companies may also want applicants with experience working with technology or with clients who use computer software.

Once you’ve decided that a degree is necessary, the next question is what sort of career path in business services is best for you. There are actually several different careers you can choose from. For example, accountants provide financial advice and help companies with filing tax returns. Bookkeepers help with keeping track of the company’s records. Marketing professionals handle all aspects of creating advertisements and sales letters so that they reach their potential customers.

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While a number of different careers in business services can be lucrative, not every choice is. Before starting your own business, take the time to think about what your skills are and what skills to others in your field may be lacking. If you don’t have computer skills, start by learning them. You might find that marketing is something that interests you, but it’s not something that everyone else has the ability to do. Networking is an essential part of building a successful career. If you don’t know anyone in your field who can do what you do, try to ask around to find someone who might have a good project for you to work on.

In short, the answer to the question is business services a good career path? Is dependent upon a number of factors, including your current skills and whether or not a particular area of expertise is in demand. If you’re not sure what career path to choose, you may want to consider starting out as a Certified Management Accountant and then finding a good business in the area of your choice.

Is business services a good career path? That depends on whether or not a particular area of expertise is in high demand. If there aren’t many jobs available in your field, then the answer is probably no. However, if the field of study you are interested in is booming, it may very well be the perfect career path for you!

The Best Business Careers

Marketing Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $135,900
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 6%

Financial Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $129,890
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 15%

Sales Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $126,640
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 4%

Purchasing Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $121,110
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 1%

Human Resources Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $116,720
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 6%

Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $116,180
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 9%

Training and Development Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $113,350
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 7%

Personal Financial Advisors

  • Median BLS Salary: $87,850
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 4%

Management Analysts

  • Median BLS Salary: $85,260
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 11%

Operations Research Analysts

  • Median BLS Salary: $84,810
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 25%

Operations Research Analysts

  • Median BLS Salary: $84,810
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 5%

Financial Examiners

  • Median BLS Salary: $81,090
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 7%

Budget Analysts

  • Median BLS Salary: $76,540
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 3%

Agents and Business Managers

  • Median BLS Salary: $73,740
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 12%

Credit Analysts

  • Median BLS Salary: $73,650
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 2%

Business Operations Specialists

  • Median BLS Salary: $73,570
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 1%

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Labor Relations Specialists

  • Median BLS Salary: $69,020
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): -7%

Insurance Appraisers

  • Median BLS Salary: $66,540
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): -6%

Cost Estimators

  • Median BLS Salary: $65,250
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): -1%

Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists

  • Median BLS Salary: $64,560
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 8%

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

  • Median BLS Salary: $63,790
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 18%

Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing

  • Median BLS Salary: $63,000
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 2%

Training and Development Specialists

  • Median BLS Salary: $61,210
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 9%


  • Median BLS Salary: $57,970
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 14%

Real Estate Appraisers

  • Median BLS Salary: $57,010
  • Job Growth (2019-2029): 3%

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